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    The Strip Game

    This is a game we've played the past 2 years. Participation is optional. Here's a link to a blog that explains how it's played: In order to mix things up a bit we have played 2 rounds where 1/2 the players rotated so you had new traders 1/2 way through the game. We did use 18 - 2 1/2in strips either from a jellly roll or cut from yardage.

    I've started this thread because this will be the place for the latest info on the game. And I need some feedback from last year's players. Did you like the idea of having a focus fabric? Or this year would you prefer playing with fabrics with a color theme? I confess I got the Sunflower fabric at bargain basement prices from a shop that went out of business.

    I could be on the lookout for some colorful pattern again
    We could just choose a color spectrum. Baby pastels, 50 Shades of Gray, Ocean Waters (blue/turquoise/teal), Americana (blue, cream, burgundy) - any other suggestions? Looking forward to your input!

    I liked the focus fabrics but I really like the color spectrum option. I've never been fond of the game when there is no focus, just a pile of any kind of fabric. My preference would be Americana but I can work with any theme. Thanks for taking care of the game, Judy.
    My Pinterest Page of the Quilts I've Made:


      I didn't have the Americana spectrum in mind until it was suggested at a guild meeting. So many are involved in making Quilts for veterans ... and the bright white (in the typical red/white/blue) had a lot of problems. Seems some were having bleeding problems and others were worried about older vets keeping the white from being stained. I'm leaning that direction too, Robin.


        I really enjoyed the strip game last year and all the different of strips. I don’t think I would participate if we did red white and blue this year. I have given away 3 quilts of valor and working on a 4th so maybe that is why I like something different. But I did love the game!


          I will gladly play again this year, lots of fun last year. I made one quilt with my strips and have enough to make another smaller quilt still.

          Judy just name a colorway and we will bring whatever we bring and it will be just great!



            How many of you strippers are into 30's? civil war? brights?

            Happiness is a FULL bobbin!


              I haven't played in past but want to this year. I will do any theme. Thanks Judy for doing this.

              Beth, I do like 30,s and brights.


                I don't like 30's or civil war. I will play whatever you choose. :


                  In order to ensure we have enough fabric for everyone to play I'm asking for everyone to post on the new thread and pm me your home address. Fabric has not been purchased yet but will be by the end of July. I want to thank Beth (Asta) for volunteering to play a major roll in fabric selection for the game! Looking forward to having some fun.


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