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    2016 Crossroads Charity Quilt

    On our way out of of town, Laura and I stopped in at Hillcrest Manor, an assisted living/nursing home, in Hamilton. A lady whose name escapes me was happy to get our quilt and asked if they could raffle it off at their Thanksgiving party. Of course we said yes. The staff loved it and thought it would raise a lot of money.

    We got to talking a bit and as it so happens, Alan Doan's new bride, Drea, is volunteering at the center! She said she's a great lady and lots of fun. She said since Drea has special privileges, the residents got to take a tour of MSQC. How cool! It pays to know the boss! Hehehe

    Carol thanks again for doing this project. You make it so easy for the rest of us to look good.
    Bernice :icon_wave:


      Thank you so much for doing this project. You are so sweet.


        Thank you Carol! It is greatly appreciated that you do this project.


          Thank you so much for all of that effort!!


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