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    Pizza Party Sat after the Bash

    I put this out in the main part of the Forum ... but it definitely applies to all of us retreaters. VERY Informal GabFest!

    Arrive after the bash - we will be setting up in the Lobby.

    Bring you favorite beverage - soda & ice machine is available. (Oh, and we have been given some wine)
    Pizza will arrive starting at 7pm - more ordered as needed. (Earlier if most of us are ready.)
    GPS address: 1710 N Walnut St, Cameron MO - Cameron is about 15 minutes west of Hamilton.

    If you want to bring something additional to munch on it's OK...


    A big thanks to you Judy for organizing this again. Was a relaxing and enjoyable time.

    Happiness is a FULL bobbin!


      Yes, thank you Judy! It was fun to sit, eat, drink, and chat with everyone and catch up a little.



        You are the hostess with the mostess! Thank you so much for the pizza and the opportunity to visit, catch up and get to know knew friends.



          Thanks so much for doing this again this year! I had a wonderful time.


            Thank you, thank you, thank you - and hugs to Mr. Steve.
            Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
            it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

            "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."


              Actually - no thanks necessary. I enjoy seeing each and every one of you ... Thank YOU for coming!


              2017 Fall Forum Retreat

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              2017 Fall Forum Retreat (September 24-27, 2017) in Hamilton, MO. Four days of fun, friendship, shopping, learning and quilting.
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