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    Our 4 mini classes this year

    Just a recap so everything is all in one place

    Class #1 Missouri Star Quilt Block

    Jean will be teaching the Missouri Star Quilt Block. Here is the list of supplies that is needed.


    3 - 10" squares of colored fabric - dark, medium and light values (this is very important to make the block look right)

    1 white 10" square

    4 - 7" white squares

    4- 6 1/4" white squares

    Class #2 Hints and Tips on Bag and Purse Making

    We have five of our wonderful bag/purse making experts who are willing to be on the round table discussion panel. They will be giving hints and tips of what they have learned through their various bag and purse making experiences and possibly be showing demonstrations on hardware installation, etc. They will not be actually making a bag/purse. This class will be held on Sunday afternoon.

    Class # 3 Fabric Wrapped Coiled Rope Bowls/Baskets

    Sue will be teaching the Fabric Wrapped Coiled Rope Bowls/Baskets. Here is the list of supplies that is needed.

    Fabric Wrapped Coiled Rope Bowls/Baskets Supply List

    Clothesline rope, no more than 100 feet either cotton or synthetic clothes line, nothing bigger than 1/4 inch, much of it is 3/16 and it works just fine. It is hard to get anything bigger under a presser foot.

    Strips of fabric 1/2" to 1" wide, 30 or more

    Glue stick.

    A sewing machine with a zig zag stitch.

    Class #4 Double Wide Dresden Ruler

    Charyti will be teaching this class.

    For one block, you will need

    151/2 inch background square
    10 – 5 inch square pieces of fabric
    Purple Thang or other similar tool
    Glue Stick
    Rotary Cutter
    Cutting mat
    Sewing Machine
    Double Wide Dresden Ruler **** There will be a couple of these available to use so please don’t feel like you have to go buy this to make one block or to try it out

    Gonna have to print this off to make sure I don't forget anything! Thanks for putting it all in one place, Charyti.


      Yes, Judy you are right on track, will print it out as my checklist. Charyti, thanks for coordinating all of this, I am getting sooo excited!

      Procrastinate. It frees up time to quilt!


        I just did the same thing Judy.



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