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    You Tube video - How we'll play the strip game

    There is a reality show on You Tube called The Quilt Project. If you have seen the post in General Discussion you will have seen how they played the game with embroidery floss. I will mail you one strip of the focus fabric and you will receive a minimum of 5 more strips at the retreat - and you will keep ALL the focus strips. Additionally players will need to bring complimentary strips which will be both the ones you start with in front of you and ones you will put in the "pot." Here's how to play (you can stop watching when the game is over)

    I will be posting another thread in about a week with photos of some sample strips and will ask for your address. In other words this is just for those of you who would like to know how it's played before you commit to playing. We can use up to 3 die but usually use less (makes the game last a little longer.)

    Ok, I watched the video. Looks like fun. I haven't read about. So, we will be using fabric. You will be telling us sizes, if you haven't already?


      Sounds good to me. One question though --- Judy, will you be wearing a green flowered hat?



        This will be a fun and interesting game. I am excited to see the focus fabric and then see what different projects everyone comes up with to use their winnings. Thanks for taking this on Judy!

        Procrastinate. It frees up time to quilt!


          @ Connie Jo - We'll be playing with Jelly Roll strips. You can also cut 2 1/2 inch strips from fabrics from your stash as long as it's width-of-fabric and complimentary to the sample strip I'll be sending once I announce the sign up.


            Sounds like fun. Do we plan on making the quilt at the retreat or take the fabric home and make it?
            Have a blessed day


              @pj - No, there is no commitment to work on this at the retreat. In fact there is no commitment whatsoever! It is sort of a challenge ~ but one you can take on yourself with absolutely no time limit. There is a guarantee that you will "win" and walk away with a variety of fabric ... but the amount and colors won't be known until the game is over so that makes pre-planning a bit difficult.

              If you are interested please go to the sign up thread ... it is a fun game!


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