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    Scraps anyone?

    I am in the process of re-organizing my sewing space and find that I have been hoarding scraps. I am not one to make a scrappy quilt but do not want to just throw these out. I am willing to bring some/many along to the retreat if there is someone who would like them. If so, is there a minimum size you would like?

    Procrastinate. It frees up time to quilt!

    If you have any Civil War/1800's repro/Prairie scraps I'll take them. I've been collecting scraps as small as 2 inches.

    On the other hand I have bought a bunch of Moda Scrap bags so I have a bunch of VERY narrow selvage edges that have the fabric line printed on them. I only saved them because someone was making a bag with them but had gathered enough and didn't need the ones I had. Most are Me&My Sister (baby/tot) lines. Anyone interested?



      I will take any and all that you want to give away. Willing to share also. I have made of bunch of quilt this year for charity, mainly digging into my own stash of new fabrics. In recent years I was using scraps and leftovers. I need to get back to that. If they are too small to use then a group of mine uses them for dog bed stuffing.



        Judy, I am interested in the Me and My Sister scraps that you have.


          You could bring them to the "I Don't Want It" table. I think we are having one, aren't we?
          My Pinterest Page of the Quilts I've Made:


            Yes, we are having an "I Don't Want It" table.


              Good to know about the " I don't want it" table. I will some of mine things. I've been cutting us some of mine into either 10" or 5" sq.s or 2 1/2" strips. I have so many I will never use them all.
              Have a blessed day


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