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    Hi everyone,
    I've noticed in some of the post that some talk about the gift exchange, I got that one figured out.
    But are we suppose to bring door prices, favors?

    If optional how do you know how many to make or bring? Is there a $ limit or not?

    Can you tell I've never been to a retreat..... LOL

    Oh also do I bring fabric to make a quilt? If so how much time is usually spent each day sewing?

    thank you for your help,\
    Have a blessed day

    I'll let Simply Quilting (Charyti) tell you about all the gifts and door prizes. I do know that all of it is optional.

    If you are staying at the retreat center, you will have all day and night to sew. Commuters have a set of hours when they may come to the center. You can sew all you want, or chat with people, or go shopping, or sleep in. It's all up to you. Most everyone is sewing at least 8 hours a day. The mini classes are optional; when they are announced in a few weeks, you can decide if you want to participate in it or not. I think about 1/3 of the group did the lonestar block. There will also be short demos during the retreat too. You can sit and learn from the demo, or continue on your own plans.

    Bring whatever fabric (and thread) you want to make the projects you have planned to do. Or don't and buy it all at the shops. Or do both

    I'm looking forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us!


      I was wondering the same thing. I have my gift for the white elephant gift steal but wasn't sure about the other gifts. Also, is there an " I don't want it" table?


        We will have the door prize drawing on three days - Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. It is optional to bring door prizes. The items have ranged from quilts to bags/purses to table runners to fat quarters to books to charm packs to books to pillows to sewing/quilting notions to gift certificates to any sewing/quilting related item. As far as how many, it is nice if we have enough for each person to receive an item each day. Cost wise, there isn't a limit either way.

        There have been ladies that have gotten queen size quilt tops done and other who have barely sewed anything as the retreat is totally optional what you want to do. Carol did an excellent job of explaining what activities go on at the retreat. I do recommend that if you can to have your fabric precut if possible because we are limited on large cutting spaces (there are a couple of cutting mats set up throughout the retreat center). Of course, there is room at your sewing area for a smaller mat. I think the size that several of us bring are 12x18 cutting mats to keep by our sewing machines. Also, there will be ironing stations set up but you can bring your own mini iron and ironing station (the approximately the size of a TV stand is what size I am thinking). I know for a few people that were doing a quilt block that had a lot of sewing just a little, then iron a little, sew a little. It helped them from having to constantly get up and down.

        If you join the 2015 and 2016 forum retreat groups, you can see pictures of some of the activities that go on plus there is a picture of the 2015 door prize table. In the 2016 group, there is a picture of the ladies playing the strip game and over on the right hand side of the picture is the door prize table. One thing to note, the sewing tables are different and so is the sewing set up.

        This year instead of favors we are doing the swap game. Each person can bring one bigger item that we made or bought – approximately, $25-$30 in value. This way no one will need to stress over making a whole lot of items. We will be doing an activity to swap these items with those who wish to participate on Sunday night. Some ideas are table runners, wall hangings, bags, totes, gift certificates. Note: This activity is purely OPTIONAL!

        We will be having an "I don't want it table" again this year.


          So Charyti, are you saying that we should bring something for the swap and then something for the door prizes also? No problem just want to make sure I bring enough stuff to share with others, heaven forbid I go home with more than I brought. LOL of course I will because I will be shopping.



            Yippee, swap item is now finished!

            Procrastinate. It frees up time to quilt!


              Sue, yes if you want bring something for the swap and then something for the door prizes.


                asta, great job on getting your swap item finished


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