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    Strip Game - I got some advice ...

    I really want to play again! The last few times I brought a jelly roll of the theme fabric and had more than 1/2 of the strips left to bring back home. It took a couple of guild meetings but finally got enough swapped around to make a cute quilt.

    At one guild meet I had a conversation with one lady who said the way she does it when she's in charge is to select a focus fabric ... and then theme off of that. The example she gave me for fall was sunflowers. She would buy yardage and cut into 2 1/2 in strips then give a strip to the players a month prior to the game. That would give them a month to go through their stash and get complimentary colors ... various shades of yellow, green and brown that would match the sample strip. The night of the game everyone gets another 4 or 5 more strips of the focus fabric (to keep ) and players put the complimentary strips they've brought into the pot. So if you want more greens you get them from the pot or steal - same if you would prefer any of the other colors - or grab a variety!

    Another colorway option she mentioned was 50 shades of gray. No pure black or white strips in the pot (the player would add them when constructing the quilt if desired.) Any solid shade or tone on tone would go into the pot.

    She recommends that everyone playing bring 7 strips per round for the pot. And there are 2 rounds per game. So that would be 1/2 yard for 1 round and 1 yard (precut into 2 1/2 inch strips) for both rounds. She says she usually cuts up 2 yards and uses 1 yard for the 2-round game and keeps the other yard to supplement and make a decent sized lap quilt. She's also made just placemats out of only the fabric "won" and the focus fabric.

    Players have also used strips from Jelly Rolls ... and even junior rolls ... just as long as it's complimentary. So I'm gauging interest ... this would not be the Winner Take All version. Have contacted Charyti and it looks like Sunday night is game night. I have a source for either the sunflower or the 50 shades and would like to gift those focus strips to all the players if it sounds like something you want to do. Would mail the strips to all the players by August 1st.

    Comments ? Suggestions ?

    That sounds like a fun way to play. We would have to all post pictures of our creations to see what others created with the same color-way fabrics. Fun, fun, fun!

    Procrastinate. It frees up time to quilt!


      Sounds good to me Judy


        Judy when I read this last night it confused me and thought no big deal I didn't have to participate. This morning I reread and it makes perfect since to me now. Sounds like a great idea. I guess I need to not read things when I need to be sleeping. Thanks Judy for this!


          I'm trying to envision how the sunflower version would go and comparing it to last year. I brought white strips and thought it was a mistake because all I had to trade was white. If you have 7 strips of the same fabric, that would be the same as when I brought the white strips -- boring. Am I missing something?

          I do like the idea of a focus fabric and bringing something to match that. Instead of sending everyone a strip of the focus fabric, you could pick a fabric collection online and we can match according to that.


            Hey Carol - So I talked to her again late this evening and she seemed sure it would work. Think if someone told you to bring a green ... you could go with a light green, hunter green or crayon box green. Same with the brown ... anything from ecru to coffee bean! Oh, and endless shades of yellow...

            The only rule is no black or white for any of the trades; the players can add that from their at-home fabric if they want. You don't have to bring 7 exactly the same or even in the same colorway! A couple of strips of brown, a few green, some yellow if you have it - as long as it "works" with the focus fabric and the total comes to 7 strips per round. Solids/marbles/tone-on-tone are always a safe bet, she said.

            You could run out and buy fabric OR you could delve into your stash and pull excess yardage and cut into strips. Some complimentary left over JR strips would work too.

            The 50 shades of grey is a bit easier (again no black or white.) No white on black or black on white either. Usually only solids are found in a stash ... so more shopping for something ... and spending money of course.

            I'm learning this method of playing along with the rest of you ... and she has no problems clarifying things. So please let me know if you have any other questions ! ! ! Is this still sounding good for y'all?


              I usually don't take my clothes off in front of people, but if everyone else is in it to win it, then I'm game.
              Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
              it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

              "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."


                I am in!! I love games.


                  I enjoyed playing the game last year so I am up for another round this year. Anyway to play it is fine with me. Judy, this sounds interesting and I am willing to try it.



                    I must have missed the game last year. Guess I was busy doing something else. Sounds like fun though.


                      I missed the game last year - not sure where I was. Sounds like it would be fun.


                        I've never played before, but always willing
                        Have a blessed day


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