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    Need your opinion - machine rental

    As it stands now Steve & I will be driving to Hamilton. But Steve depends on having an oxygen machine and tanks it may not be feasible to drive. We were looking at the portable machine that runs on rechargeable batteries but (at this point) he needs more continuous liters than that unit will provide. He may opt to stay home and I'll either drive or fly in. Problem is we may not be able to
    make that decision until early September.

    Checked Eventbrite and there are 10 beds and 3 machines available. I was going to reserve a machine but may not need it if he or I drive. Maybe somebody would consider going but needed a machine; I mean they may not go if there wasn't a machine available. Then if I didn't need it I would feel bad.

    What would you do? Reserve it and possibly not need it ... or not get it and see if there was one still available if I had to fly?

    Tough decision for me .... any and all advice appreciated!

    I would go ahead and reserve it, just in case. I think they have more machines than they put up for rental.
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      I have multiple machines here. If you get stuck, I can bring an extra.


        Go ahead and rent it, but I am sure one of us can bring an extra for you if you need us to.
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