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    What are you doing now?

    My sewing time has slowed down a bit, too many other things are going on but when I do have time to sew I am stuck on one of M* pattern. The Quartered Square. So far I have made seven, have number 8 half done, and number 9 cut and ready to sew. It is sew fast and so easy. I can get a throw cut and sewn in about 6 hours.

    I would post some photos but I can't see to make it work. Help.

    I have been sewing items to sell at the 3 craft fairs I just finished. Trying to replace some of the stuff I sold, so my sis can take it to a few more she is doing down where she lives. That and my Secret Santa stuff and mug rugs for the swaps. I do have a couple of baby quilts I need to get done as well.
    Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



      I have been working on two quilts for my quilt guilds challenge -- what can you do with a panel. I have both up on my design board and just have to sew them together. They need to be completed and ready to go by May 7 --- plenty of time, right??



        I believe there are two ways to photos.One is through the box that says + Add Pictures which is just above where it says grou ictures on the main age. The other is to hit use the Go Advanced at the bottom of the text message box which brings you to a new screen where you can add ictures when you use the insert image button.

        And I have a key that had decided to sto working while I was tying can you guess which one?


          I've been binding a quilt that's going to be put up for auction at my church. I hope it does well.

          I sold two cross stitch pieces to of all people --- my ex husband. LOL I made him pay too! That money goes to the church sales. I finished cross stitching another piece, but I haven't sewn a border on it yet. That'll get done this weekend.

          I just finished a bionic gear bag. That's #4 for me, but it's the first for my sister and friend and they were very pleased when we all finished.

          Thursday and Friday, I went to 8 shops in the local shop hop, so I've got to decide what to do with the blocks I got.

          And.... I'm going to buy backing fabric for the charity quilts we made at the retreat. I made a couple extra blocks in order to make two quilts! Then I'll send that off to Jean Anne to quilt.

          and.... I just got an idea for the charity quilt this year. It will be fun and different. I think


            I finished number 8 of the Quartered Squares and may put together #9 today. I also have to get the borders on a queen size for my oldest grandson.

            I still can't get photos uploaded. The link for inserting image wants an URL and I want to upload, not link to something else on the web.



              I am finishing up a "rescued" t-shirt quilt a friend began and got stuck on very quickly. It is for a father who tragically lost his 23 yo daughter to an accident last spring so I want to do a nice job but, taking it over in mid progress is proving to be difficult.

              Can not wait to finish it so I can start something fun.

              Procrastinate. It frees up time to quilt!


                Got all the pieces cut out for my ribbon quilt. Looks like the only piecing I have to do is snowballing the corners of the ends of the ribbons. Easy Peasy!


                  Between Steve and me too many doctor appointments and real life necessities to even think about quilting.
                  Good to hear some of you are getting things accomplished. I only quilt in my dreams ...


                    Right now I am sitting in a chair with my feet up in Las Vegas. No I am not being lazy I just fell down last night and messed up my knee. Using crutches. Last week I sewed at Jean Morehouse's and finished a baby quilt and worked on a quartered stripes.


                      Peggy Anne, ouch..... I hope your knee is not messed up to bad. I will be praying that you heal quickly.


                        Oh, Peggy! Feet up and waiter, bring me's headed your way . . .
                        Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
                        it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

                        "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."


                          Oh dear Peggy Anne! Please rest and heal!


                            Thank you all. Being in Las Vegas I have some special great nephews helping me when ever I need anything and sometimes just giving me hugs. I know my sister planned on taking me to a quilt shop but I think that will have to wait til next trip. That's ok I'll be in Hamilton on may 22. Hopefully I will be feeling good by the!


                              I'm not sewing at the moment at all. Besides my quilt ufos I now also have bag ufos... I'm working on another college degree and the thesis is due way earlier than I anticipated, so I'm working and writing most of the days (and nights). Once I've submitted it (mid May - IF I get it done in time), I need to make a baby quilt because my bff is pregnant and the baby is due in July! Can't wait for the retreat!


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