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    Another Thank You

    Once again this morning I found myself reminiscing about the retreat-I was putting on my socks! I want to thank you all for the fun, friendship and all the wonderful and useful favors you gifted. I am already trying to figure what to make for next years favors that can live up to those of this year.

    Procrastinate. It frees up time to quilt!

    I agree about the favors! They were wonderful. Thanks again, everyone for all the thought that went into them. I haven't had to put on socks yet, but I can't wait to wear them!


      Wearing mine and they are great. Love them and also agree the favors were really nice. Trying to come up with something for next year already as well
      Dolores :lol::icon_heh:


        I saw something a couple days ago that I am seriously considering making. But do I really want to sew 45+ zippers? One-shouldered Pat did, so I should be able to.

        Since Carol aka snippet already used my brilliant idea for next year at the retreat this year. And here I thought I was ahead.
        K is for Karen 😊​..................
        Cremation - My last hope for a smokin' hot body.

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        H - is it HELPFUL?
        I - is it INSPIRING?
        N - is it NECESSARY?
        K - is it KIND?


          I had a great time and I too am planning to be back next year. What do you all think of the socks? Shall I do them again next year? Or come up with something different?


            How 'bout tie-dyed undies


              I have been to two weekend retreats in the last two weeks and everyone is googoogagaing over all my favors. Where did you get that, whats this, on and on. I love everything and am using 99% of it. My make up bag the last two weekends, all of my sewing favors, oh my goodness, so useful. Thank you all for being so creative.


                I agree! I use some favor every day and think of the person who took the time to come up with the idea and/or make it! It was my first retreat and I was amazed at everyone's creativity and generosity. I wore my socks to our recent guild meeting with our tie-dyed guild shirt! Thanks to everyone!
                Brenda. :icon_wave:


                  LOL Karen, well I'm glad I was the early bird and got the favor idea done first! LOL

                  Sue: undies would be so cool! But sizes would be a problem I would imagine.

                  It wasn't until I ate all the candy on the glass plate that I really noticed the etching/engraving on it! How was that done?

                  I've taken the favors to two quilt groups and they were a hit too. Every favor was greeted with ooh's and aah's and 'I want that pattern' and 'how creative!'

                  Thanks to everyone for their thoughtfulness in making/buying the favors. Because of you I smile when I'm sewing.


                    I was just signing in to let you all know how wonderful the favors were, and here is this terrific thread! I have finally cleaned my sewing room, and a part of that included finding homes for the favors. Seeing them all again made me think of all of you. What a wonderful retreat we had!

                    Asta, I'm glad that YOU started this thread because I have a great story for you. On Saturday, I needed some bobby pins for a costume. I haven't worn bobby pins in decades, so I thought I'd go raid my daughters' bathroom (they're all grown and out of the house, so anything left is fair game, yes?). But I kept getting this visual memory that I'd just seen some bobby pins somewhere close at hand. I realized that there were bobby pins on the fabric boards you made. Voila! My hat stayed on all through the costume party, thanks to you!

                    I love everything you all gifted. The favors live in my sewing room, my bedroom, my dining room and more. I think of all of you regularly. Can't wait for next year!

                    Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


                      I too love all of the favors. The amount of creativity boggles ones mind. I am trying to think of something different for next year, but am having a really hard time. Thank you one and all for the amazing favors. You really do rock it out of the park.
                      Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



                        I also loved all the favors. Use all of them. So do the granny kids. This retreat was the best I ever been to. I think of all of you. I'm hoping to go this fall again.


                          I loved all the favors, also. My husband took a couple of them and put them in his trailer to use. I have used everything so far. I too, noticed the words on the plate after all the candy and crackers were eaten -- so cool. I used it to serve peppermint bark on during the holidays. Also, I have been perusing pinterest and other DIY sites for ideas for this years retreat. This retreat was my very first one that I had ever been to. I went to one in Jan. that my quilt guild sponsored. I kept thinking - at the M* retreat they did this, or that. It was good, but not as good as M*!!! Can't wait for this year.


                            I don't think I've seen this before, but when I read 'one shouldered Pat', it made me giggle!

                            One thing I use everyday I sew is my little bottle top pin cushion. I had it stuck to the top of Walter, my industrial, but every time I had to tip him back to change the bobbin, the thread from the cone thread on the thread stand would get tangled up in it. Well, I pried it off earlier today, thankfully only a little of the sticky part stayed on Walter and I got it off. Then I took my bottle cap and stuck it on a magnet so I can move it easily if I have to! I with my other machines were metal as well, but they aren't. Maybe I will make one for Matilda.

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