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    Thank You and an Announcement

    Thank you ladies for a positively, amazing retreat!!!! The favors were fabulous. I am looking forward to using each one of them (some of the candy has already disappeared.) Thank you so much for the gift card. It is greatly appreciated and will be used wisely for the little one.

    It was so wonderful to visit with each and everyone of you. I am hoping that each of you will be able to come back next year. Speaking of which, we are booked in for next year at the same time - Sunday through Wednesday (Sept 24-27) right after the birthday bash - for 2017, we were unable to get an additional day like some of you had wanted because there is another retreat coming in on Thursday like there was this year. Most likely, we will be opening registration up around the beginning of March.

    Thank you again for being such a wonderful group of ladies to work with.

    Sounds great...will start the planning.
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      I booked my room already for the last 2 weeks of Sept because I didn't know the dates ... ,

      Just before we left one of the gals at the main shop said the Birthday bash would be the Thurs, Fri & Sat of the last full week of the month and that would be the 28th, 29th and 30th. I dpn't think I will change my reservation dates just yet ......


        Thanks for all your hard work Charity in making this a wonderful retreat.
        Bernice :icon_wave:


          Thanks for all you did for the retreat Charity, it was super!

          Congrats and best wishes for a smooth time with the little one.

          Procrastinate. It frees up time to quilt!


            This is wonderful news! Thank you so much Charity! Remember..there was a last full week of the month this year also..the week we were we need to really wait to find out about Birthday Bash I guess..


              Thank you for all you did, Charyti!! You definitely broke the applause meter I had going.
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                Thank you, Charyti, for all your hard work in putting this together. I don't have anything to compare this retreat with since it was my first one, but it was wonderful. So wonderful that I really want to come again next year! I was also told by one of the EE in the shops that they thought the Birthday Bash would be on the weekend of the 30th. I'll wait for conformation before booking hotels.

                Thanks again and best wishes with the little one!


                  Thanks Charyti for all you did to make this one great. I look forward to next year and put the dates on my calendar. I came home sick and hope to be better in a day or two but if that was part of the price I paid to be there then it is OK.

                  Good luck with the new baby, looking forward to seeing him next year.


                    Thanks Charyti for a job well done. I had a great time and plan on coming back next year. You made my first retreat a great one.
                    Dolores :lol::icon_heh:


                      Charyti you did a great job. Everything was great. Thank you for all your hard work!

                      I can't wait to see photos of you and the new baby boy when he arrives in November. Until then, be healthy and happy!


                        Thank you for the wonderful retreat. It was fantastic to meet everybody and I had the most wonderful time. I will be back next year too. All the best wishes for you and the little one, Charity.


                          Thanks, Charyti, for all the hard work you did getting the retreat organized. Like Sea Turtle, I have nothing to compare this one to, but it was really great and I really did enjoy it. I think sometime in February I will start checking daily to see if the link for the retreat is ready. I do want to come again next year.

                          Good luck with the new little one when he arrives. We all will be looking for pictures to be posted.



                            Charyti, you did such a fabulous job of planning and leading our retreat this year! I had so much confidence in your organizational skills, I knew it would be great! You had a big job, transitioning us to a different registration format, it worked out well! Bravo, girl!


                              Charyti, I too had a fantastic time! I have advised MM that I will be attending next year as well, but I'm not sure yet as to where I will be staying. If I start my favors now, maybe I will get them done in a timely manner.......

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