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    Construction on 36 bridge over I-35

    I'm in Cameron! I'm staying one night at the Acorn Inn, because the Motel 8 is booked. No biggie, I'll be there tomorrow through Saturday.

    So coming up from KC, you need to watch the signs very carefully. You can use the normal exit if you are going west (in the direction of Hamilton). But if you want to go east to get to Cameron, you will need to take the exit BEFORE the usual one. I'm sorry, I don't remember the exit numbers. Besides it all may change by the time you drive here.

    Pay attention and be prepared to exit sooner than usual.

    I don't know how those of us staying on the east side will get over the highway.... I'll figure that out tomorrow in the daylight.

    Thank you for the heads up. I had forgotten that they were getting ready to start all that construction.

    Glad that you have made it to Cameron safely. See ya soon


      Keep us updated please..I have family staying in Cameron while I stay at retreat center sun - tues...this will help them out!


        The bridge isn't totally closed, so you can drive across the interstate from either side. It's the on/off ramps that are closed or are detoured.


          Thanks for the head's up! See you soon!


            We drove up from Kansas City on I-35N. We normally got off at exit 54 ... but the detour had us get off at exit 52. There are plenty of signs showing the detour route. very simple and just a couple of turns. Make a right on 36 to get to Hamilton - there is one lane open for a couple of hundred yards. Then it opens up to the normal amount of lanes.


              Judy, I will be flying in on Saturday and will be going to Cameron from airport. This is first time driving so do you mean to get off on 52 and I would go left to Cameron since you said to turn right to Hamilton?


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