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    Charity quilt

    I've got my favors made and in a bag ready to go. I even made a little piece of paper saying who made it and what pattern was used.

    I've made kits for the charity quilt too. Each kit has precut fabric and the instruction for the block. Sew the block, stick it onto the design wall (I'm bringing a flannel tablecloth) and keep the instruction for you. With only three days of sewing, I don't know if I'll have time to get the blocks, and sew the rows together. But what I want to do is get it done at home, quilt it, then bring it back next year and show it to everyone there. Then give it to someone or some organization in Hamilton.

    Does anyone know of a person or charity in the Hamilton area that could use our quilt? The quilt will be 72 x 84.

    I know in the past MSQC has done items for the Green Hills Women and Children's Shelter. I don't know what else is close by but I am sure that Meg and Glenda would know as well as Bernice.


      The veterans home in Cameron, the sheriff's department, and the nursing home all will except quilts. I am sure others will also have ideas.
      Bernice :icon_wave:


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