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    Weather in Missouri

    This may have been discussed before, but I have breezed through all the threads and a few discussions, and I was wondering what the weather is like at the end of September in Missouri. I know that here in central Pennsylvania, the weather at the end of September can be getting cooler - that you might need to start wearing jeans and a light jacket even during the day. However, I know it can also be hotter than . . . well you know. So my question is - what is appropriate for Fall Retreat time in Missouri - jeans, capris, long sleeve, short sleeve, etc? Getting excited, only 3 weeks away!!! Picked up my contribution to the snack table yesterday - yum, yum, yum!!!! It will be traveling in my carry-on bag.

    Beth, all of the above - more than appropriate. We have a saying here that if you don't like the weather just hang around for a little while and it will change. We usually don't start feeling the true fall weather changes until the middle of October though. I would pack what you are most comfortable in and perhaps one change into something else in case there is a dramatic change. The retreat center is quite comfortable - you'll only be concerned while you are out and about exploring all the stores.
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      Sandy is very correct the weather could be anything. As we get closer and the weather forecast comes out, I will try to post what the weather is predicted to be.
      MSQC does have umbrellas for customers to use as they travel from shop to shop so don't worry about packing one of those.


        Thanks for the insight into the weather. It will help a lot. See you in 2 weeks!!!


          I wear shorts and a tshirt there and have been comfortable. We've eaten out on the patio area in front of J's Burger Dive for a nice pleasant meal, although last year it was a bit too sunny. The retreat center can get hot if you are in the front window area though. Upstairs in the bedrooms are very comfortable, not hot, not cold either.


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