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    Will we be playing the Strip Game again?

    Carol, I had a ton of fun playing last year. Can you bring the dice this year? And I do agree that we need to theme this - probably by a colorway, huh?

    I hope so, I didn't play last year, but want to this year if I can remember my strips.


      A lot more fun than the strip poker we played the first year . . .
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        LOL Sandy. I think the people looking in from the windows had a lot of fun!

        Yeah, let's play again. I'll be sure to bring the dice. I don't know what theme we should go for.... color, theme (floral, dots, baby, etc), or maybe a designer (Kaffe, Tula, Amy Butler, etc) ? We could also have a game and play with fat quarters....

        Any suggestions?


          For those attending the retreat for the first time - this "game" sounds like it could be a lot of fun!!! But what is it all about?


            I missed the game, what did you play? I have dice for a game-LCR- that can easily be played with strips or charms, would be a great way to "use up" those misc. charms.

            Procrastinate. It frees up time to quilt!


              The dice I have are called Trader's Dice.

              It's a game that you can play with three or more people -- the more the merrier. Roll the dice, trade to the left, trade to the right, trade across the table, or steal from the kitty. You can trade anything: fat quarters, charm squares, jelly roll strips, patterns, thread, you name it.

              We played with jelly roll strips last year - I think we all started with about 5 or 8 strips (or was it more Judy?) which was a short game. But we played it a couple of times once we all got the hang of how it worked.


                I missed the game last year too. Sounds fun!



                  OK Carol - you really meant to ask me how many strips we anted up in the kitty or how many we had in front of us? Honestly don't remember ... all I know is I brought a jelly roll. I know I caused a bit of a mish-mash because we didn't have a theme. Everyone else brought beautifully colored strips and I brought my Americana (red/white & blue.)

                  I think using fat quarters may be a bit expensive (unless M* has a fantastic sale again.) The mid range for me would be a layer cake or jelly roll. If there is a theme and you didn't use all your pieces you could keep them and add your winnings to make a decent sized quilt.

                  Charms would also work but think it would take quite a few packs and games to amass enough to make something other than a baby quilt or table runner.

                  The longest part of the game was selecting which strip(s) were the ones we wanted. I remember the early stage was nice and polite. Then as we got further into "taking" from others it really got to be fun and comically ruthless. Didn't one of us try to hide the strips they really wanted to keep?

                  Yep a theme needs to be decided upon. Personally I have a problem with dots & stripes - they trigger migraines when I worked with them. Florals, Brights, Fall colors, Black/White/& another color, plus Carol's ideas. Strips or Layer Cake is my vote whatever the theme. But I will go with the majority.

                  If anyone has played before please add your ideas! I'm just going by what I remember.


                    I did not participate last year. I was still in recovery mode and a bit out of sorts. Might join in this year. Sounds like fun. We will just have to wait and see.
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                      This sounds exciting!! I would like to join in the fun.


                        This sounds like a hoot. I can already admit I had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up. Beth, I'm another frst timer, so you are not alone in that respect.


                          Ok, then we shall play with 2.5" strips - they can be from a jelly roll, pixie strip, design roll, tonga treat, roll-up, or cut from yardage. As long as it is a 2.5" strip that is cut WOF (selvage to selvage).

                          Color - let's play with solids, tone-on-tone, blender type strips. They can be bright, pastel, neon, black, white. Plain quilting cotton, no batiks, no flannel. The DD for today (Folio Basics 2.5" Strips by Color Principle for Henry Glass) would work fine!

                          We'll play with about 10 strips, but bring more if you want. I don't know when we will play, but most likely it will be in the evening after supper. We might even play multiple nights, who knows.


                            Looks like there is a game night scheduled for Sunday. And Jenny's trunk show will be Monday. Wonder if she's ever played? Now that would be a great memory and story to tell. Imagine being able to brag about stripping with Jenny! (pardon my sense of humor)


                              I am SO excited for this forum retreat!!! Judy, it would be a great memory too get Jenny to play. I will be putting a jelly roll on my shopping list. Woo hoo!!!


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