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    Charyti said, "We usually do small favors for everyone, either handmade or a small token item. We may have some guests come to visit, so you might want to throw in a couple extra to share. NOTE: sharing favors is purely optional!"

    So if you choose to bring a favor, count on about 40 or so. As the retreat gets closer, we'll have a better number to shoot for.

    I went through some of the past posts about the favors and found some great comments and ideas. Wonder what to make? Read some comments other have said about them:

    ---- Anything is fantastic - and it doesn't have to be anything expensive . . . don't sweat over this, okay?????
    ---- Mine isn't handmade either ... but will still be enjoyed. It's the thought that counts!
    ---- Nothing hand made or bought will be looked down upon...we really are an easy bunch to please. The thrill of meeting is what it is all about.
    ---- To me the favors are just gifts from the heart. It's amazing what can fall into that category.
    ---- I have hand made my gifts but never in my life have I had so much trouble. Just don't judge my work by these. Just know it is from the heart but not my best work.
    ---- I ran out of time and bought mine.

    So what to make? Here's a list of favors from the past retreats, ideas from other retreats, ideas posted, etc. As you can see, it can be anything! And duplicates are just fine too. So this list is something to get your creative juices flowing. Pick from the list, come up with something new, whatever! Enjoy and know that it's all for friends!

    bag, small M* shopping bag with a pattern inside and a tape measure
    bag, snap bag
    bag, strawberry shopping bag
    bag, tote bag
    bag, zipper bag
    book thongs
    candy, bag of M&M's with instructions of when to eat the different colors
    candy, candies
    candy, chocolate
    crayon rollup
    design wall, mini roll up
    embroidered needle holder
    emory board and fabric holder
    eye glass/rotary cutter case
    fabric basket
    fabric bowl
    fabric fortune cookies
    fat quarters
    frixxon pen
    gift certificate
    jar opener
    jewelry, bracelet
    jewelry, lanyard
    jewelry, name tag with sewing broach attached
    jewelry, necklace
    key, fabric key rings
    key, key fob
    key, key fob with name embroidered
    lavender eye pillow
    Mini box pouch with lip balm
    mini kit
    mug organizer
    mug rug
    mug rug embroidered with the year on it
    mug rug kit
    note pad
    notions box
    ornament, lace sewing machine
    pencil box
    pencil case/rotary cutter storage with goodies
    pencil sharpener
    pencils with cute sayings
    pincushion, cute little bird
    pincushion, golf tee
    pincushion, mason jelly jar pincushion with chocolate candy
    pincushion, ring
    pincushion, wrist
    pocket kleenex holders
    post its
    pot holders
    pressing pad
    Purple Thang
    quilt block magnets
    quilted note cards
    quilters pins
    rewards card holder
    row markers
    row markers in a book
    row markers in a medicine bottle
    scissors case
    scrap bag
    seam ripper
    sewing caddie
    sewing kits (pocket sized)
    stiletto, chopstick
    stiletto, colored beads
    stiletto, rose bead and clear and red beads
    tape measure
    toilet brush (thread sweeper)
    trash container
    wine glass

    Just yesterday, Cindy (who does the MSQC demos for the retreats among her other MSQC jobs) was commenting on how much she has enjoyed the favors and the inspiration they give for idea projects.


      Holy Cow...I didn't realize what a haul I have made over the past 3 years at the retreat. AMAZING!!!!. Don't let the list intimidate you, or keep you from making or giving something that is already on the list. I use or have used everything that I have gotten...and love them all. Knowing that we care enough about each other to do this, makes it even more special.
      Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



        pocket size tissue holders! Carol forgot something!!!!! I know I have gotten 2 or 3 of them over the past retreats and use every single one of them.
        K is for Karen πŸ˜Šβ€‹..................
        Cremation - My last hope for a smokin' hot body.

        Before you speak,
        T - is it TRUE?
        H - is it HELPFUL?
        I - is it INSPIRING?
        N - is it NECESSARY?
        K - is it KIND?


          They are there Karen - pocket Kleenex holders. I should have listed it differently. I like the toilet bowl brush that you use to sweep up the threads. I want one! New of course. I hope no one is offended if I forgot their favor - there were so many!

          Oh gosh yes, I use most everything I've been given. I use the duplicates too - one at home and one in my bag for sewing at classes and retreats. Besides, those who haven't been to one of the retreats don't have the favor.


            Figures. I looked under kleenex holder and purse kleenex holder and missed pocket. I never saw anyone give wine glasses or toilet brushes at the retreat. Must have been a different one. I bet the Dollar Store has toilet brushes ...
            K is for Karen πŸ˜Šβ€‹..................
            Cremation - My last hope for a smokin' hot body.

            Before you speak,
            T - is it TRUE?
            H - is it HELPFUL?
            I - is it INSPIRING?
            N - is it NECESSARY?
            K - is it KIND?


              Not all on this list were actual favors from the forum retreats. Some are ideas that other have posted and I included them. So, just because it's on the list doesn't mean it was given out as a favor.


                I've been to the last 2 retreats /// and realize I have A LOT of the favors listed and appreciate every one. Especially the artistic magnet sent from Australia (2014) and the fat quarter brought from Australia by Lenore last year. The support from those not able to attend is incredible.


                  I need to gt busy so I won't again be finishing them at retreat lol. Only me.
                  Already getting anxious for it to get hear.........


                    I decided yesterday what I was making. Ordered the "main" structure for it - back-ordered for 30 days!!! Glad I started early.

                    BTW, it got the Auntiemern seal of approval.
                    K is for Karen πŸ˜Šβ€‹..................
                    Cremation - My last hope for a smokin' hot body.

                    Before you speak,
                    T - is it TRUE?
                    H - is it HELPFUL?
                    I - is it INSPIRING?
                    N - is it NECESSARY?
                    K - is it KIND?


                      I know what I will bring and it is not on the list. It will be a test for me to see how long I can keep from spilling the beans about what I am doing. Tee Hee


                        I think I have decided what to make, but if it is like last year I changed my mind four or five times


                          Wendy, I have already changed my mind a couple times, DH says he thinks I should go with my original idea.....I hate to say this but he may be right.

                          Procrastinate. It frees up time to quilt!


                            I have 4 or 5 ideas floating around. Pinterest can be a dangerous thing. I was positive what I was going to do until I started looking on Pinterest. Now I just don't know, lol.
                            Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love




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