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    It's JULY! How's it going??

    How are we doing on our lists?? I can't believe it is JULY!! Halfway through the year, where are we on our wish lists?

    I've finished 11 out of the 17 quilts on my list, but I doubt I'll do any of the rest. I've just started a round robin, block of the month, and three more donation quilts. Plus my quilt group does a fall bazaar so I'll have to get busy making things for that soon. To be honest, I didn't think I'd get 11 of those 17 quilts finished, so I'm very happy with my results. If I get any more of them completed that'll be icing on the cake.


      I'm at a big fat zero But since January I have changed jobs, moved city/state and gone through a break-up. Shame I didn't put any of those things on my 2015 Definitely Want To list...




        Star lover - impressive indeed!!

        Liz - all of those stressors would drown my creative juices for sure. (((HUGS))) there's still plenty of year left to take the time to do something for YOU!


        2015 Definitely Want To Make This Group

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        Do you have too many quilt ideas floating around in your head? This will be fun group where we can motivate & cheer each on as we work on new projects that we have been planning & dreaming about. Post a list of new projects that you really want to make this year. If you want to post a projected completion time you can. At the end of each month we can check in to give updates of our progress. Pictures are encouraged. The group is open for anyone. Happy Quilting in 2015.
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