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    Sleepydivers (aka Toni) list

    UFO's- need to be quilted and binded-
    Wicked quilt-
    follow the yellow brick road (drunkards path with OZ fabric)

    Quilts to make:
    Tree of Life quilt for my oldest DD : shooting to have it done by April 30th - her bday

    Jimi Hendrix quilt for my middle child - another DD - this is going to be a toughie- my own design using paintstiks and some various fibers. I'd love to have it done by February 19th - her bday (not gonna happen I think - but still going to try) Finished

    Nursery Rhymes quilt for the next grandbaby on the way- not sure of the due date-(actually now we know it is due in May) but IT WILL BE DONE for the baby shower!!! Having to make 2 of these due to 2 grand babies on the way now~ Finished

    Judy Niemeyers Log Cabin Cutouts quilt - going to give myself until December of this year for that one.

    Under the Sea quilt for my Hubs -shooting for August

    Herd of turtles quilt- for the exercise room - July or August (it's small)

    Hawaiian applique quilt for the exercise room - November hopefully

    Not quilts, but still sewing stuff I'd like to make:

    Alice in wonderland Jacket with the Jacket express pattern

    Quilters wallet X 2

    Porta pocket plus pattern

    QAYG bag with Lucy fabric

    QAYG with left over Alice in wonderland fabric (if there's any left over)
    If you don't ask, you don't get. Ghandi


    Just thought I'd update my status- I managed to figure out how many blocks per week for the - need to be done soon quilts-
    and I managed to get some blocks done! I have 3 of the blocks done for the tree of life quilt and 2 blocks for one of the Nursery Rhyme quilts! (it was originally going to be one quilt , but my youngest daughter is expecting now too!!)
    If you don't ask, you don't get. Ghandi



      I see you got some of the Hendrix quilt done too!! Looks great!!


        I have managed to get the Jimi Hendrix quilt done, The Nursery Rhyme quilt done and I have made 2 other baby blankets (not on the list- but they were need to makes for baby showers)
        I am going to work on the Wicked quilt next.
        I managed to cut out the pattern pieces for the Log cabin cutout quilt- I didn't start on it though becasue I had to use the fabric I bought for it in another quilt. Now I need to buy more fabric-
        I stopped working on the Tree of life quilt - long story- I'll start it again when she gets herself together.
        The quilts for the exercise room have also been put on hold for now.
        I have all the fabric and supplies for the QAYG bags and the alice in wonderland jacket.
        I added another quilt on my list- The outerspace quilt for my grandson. I have all the fabric for it and I will try to get it started before December and hopefully I will have it somewhat finished by january. I will post some pics of the completed quilts this weekend.
        If you don't ask, you don't get. Ghandi



          Isn't it nice to finally be able to mark something 'finished' - well done! Looking forward to seeing the Jimi Hendrix quilt.




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          Do you have too many quilt ideas floating around in your head? This will be fun group where we can motivate & cheer each on as we work on new projects that we have been planning & dreaming about. Post a list of new projects that you really want to make this year. If you want to post a projected completion time you can. At the end of each month we can check in to give updates of our progress. Pictures are encouraged. The group is open for anyone. Happy Quilting in 2015.
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