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    Emily Elizabeth's list

    Oh goodness, I don't even know where to start!!

    I go back to teaching tomorrow after a long winter break, so I will update this on Friday evening, hopefully!!

    Here goes....

    UFOs I want to finish (just need quilting and binding): all finished!
    Halloween table runner
    Blue/yellow runner
    nana's tumbler wall hanging

    Things I want to make:
    I have an old BOM in 1930s repro fabrics, I'd like to piece the blocks by June, so I can sash them, quilt and bind in July when I'm in the US. I would love to gift I to my niece. I have 3 nieces I have not done quilts for.Blocks are done, sashing and quilting will have to wait for 2016

    I have a fall wall hanging with appliqué pumpkins on it. It is a kit from Connecting Threads from ages and ages ago, it needs to have some life breathed into it.

    I would like to make my son a rag quilt with flannel/denim ... I have all the flannel FQs, most are cut up, but I need to put some elbow grease in if I'll complete it this summer. Cut the fabrics but will not have time to piece until 2016

    I also have a flannel chevron kit I would like to make, because I've not tried chevrons and it looks so cozy. turns out this is not a chevron kit! LOL! It is packed for Kaz. So there is still hope.

    I also just purchased a BOM that is these adorable houses each with a different quilt block within the house block, but that will be a fall project. This fell through

    Aside from quilting, my nearly 6 year old will still want dresses, and she will definitely want to make dresses for her doll!!

    I like to make clothes for us all too, but this coming year I want to focus on quilts.

    Long term dream projects I will start stashing fabric for: the Harry Potter Quilt and Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice ( her 2013 mystery, I didn't love 2014 as much) still haven't touched these with a ten foot poll!

    Ha... That's an ambitious list for working full time and having 2 little kids!!


      Just curious what your plan for the Harry Potter quilt is. I have embroidered some denim squares for a rag quilt but need to find more designs to use. Might also try one with some printer fabric. I love Harry Potter so I keep hoping there will be a good line of fabrics like the OZ one. Fingers crossed.
      sigpicAnita G.


        Oh, that would be awesome!! There were some Potter fabrics waaaaay back when, about 14 years ago!! I'm sad I don't have them stashed away anywhere!

        There is a pattern for a Harry Potter Quilt, it is a free paper piecing pattern... Let me see if I can link from my tablet...

        Fandom In Stitches: Harry Potter


          I too, wish I had stashed bolts of the Harry Potter fabric away. I could send my granddaughter to collage based on the prices per yard people are asking on eBay and etsy. I have a couple small bits in my stash. If I can find them hahaha!

          Thanks for the link to the pattern will take a look.
          sigpicAnita G.


            Not a quilting project but despite the flu, I did finally manage to get a cross stitch finished this week!

            I posted a photo, but understand if it gets deleted!


              I don't know why it would be deleted. There is fabric, thread and needles involved, right? People have posted scrapbooking and crochet projects in this forum and it hasn't collapsed so far!
              By the way, I love your cross stitch panel, it is really a funny pattern. I used to be quite fond of cross stitching myself, I still have a box full of fancy alphabets. Maybe I should frame a couple and give them to my nieces. The eldest has turned 4 and is learning her first letters.


                Thanks, I'm relatively new, so I wasn't sure


                  I finished my skirt today!! I have been on sick leave with pneumonia, and I wanted to sew something simple and gratifying, so I finally put the waistband on the skirt that has been patiently waiting for me for about two weeks. I'm looking forward to doing some piecing soon, I need a break in general from making clothing!!


                    Starting my BOM tonight, and hoping to quilt one of my runners too, I want to enjoy it this spring!


                      I finished my runner today! Yay!!


                        I finished quilting and binding my wall hanging. Can you believe I only have one UFO here in Kazakhstan?? I'm so excited that I will probably try to quilt and bind my last UFO, even if it is for Halloween :-)


                          Finished my Halloween runner!! There are NO UFOs in my house!! ( in Kazakhstan... The Atlanta house is a whole other story!!


                            I have 5 of my 12 blocks from the 1930s sampler done! I also started the wall hanging kit I have with little flowers on it ... It's going together pretty quickly. My time has really improved over this past month now that I have good furniture and a dedicated space for my sewing.


                              Oh, I'm down to my last of 12 blocks from the 1930s BOM set, my flower wall hanging is done except for the lack of perfect buttons in the center....


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