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    MomGram list

    1. Bargello
    2. Disappearing Hour Glass
    3. Broken Lines
    4. Plus Quilt
    5. Tshirt quilt
    6. Baby quilt for great nephew due in February. DONE
    7. Baby quilt for my second grand daughter due in July
    8. Dallas Cowboys baby quilt DONE
    9. Quilt for great niece due in June
    sigpicAnita G.

    I've started my Plus Sign quilt.
    sigpicAnita G.


      Hmmmm, now let's see where I'm at....just pieced the Broken Bars top today. My Plus quilt is sewn into rows but looks like it will be a UFO until after the new year. Need to quilt the two baby quilts (yes the babies are here but their quilts aren't ready). Bargello is still on my dream to make one day list (I have all the fabrics). Guess I'll have to move a couple of these to next years list.
      sigpicAnita G.


        Ah yes, the every elusive Bargello.... that one might be on my to-do list forever. One of my friends' rules on baby quilts is that if it's done and gifted before the first birthday then it's still 'on time' :-)




        2015 Definitely Want To Make This Group

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        Do you have too many quilt ideas floating around in your head? This will be fun group where we can motivate & cheer each on as we work on new projects that we have been planning & dreaming about. Post a list of new projects that you really want to make this year. If you want to post a projected completion time you can. At the end of each month we can check in to give updates of our progress. Pictures are encouraged. The group is open for anyone. Happy Quilting in 2015.
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