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Giveaway Week 18 May 8th - 15th

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    Giveaway Week 18 May 8th - 15th

    Congratulations to MRoy! You just won 1000 Quilters Cash Points! Thanks for joining in the conversation!

    The forum is great for some good convo, jokes, support, and all kinds of sharing! Speaking of sharing! Mothers Day is tomorrow!!! Lets share some of the amazing mothers/women that we know with each other! Share a memory of a mother or woman that blessed you in some way!
    I hope you all have been blessed or been blessing others, life is to short not to show love to someone who needs it!

    To enter the game just hit the reply to thread button at the top or bottom of this page and answer the question! You only get one entry per contest round. A winner will be chosen by random selection in about a week to win our next 1000 Quilters Cash Points!
    Then watch your private messages cause I might be sending one your way!
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    Re: Giveaway Week 18 May 8th - 15th

    I have an aunt that has seven of her own children, and when we were kids we could show up at her house at any time and she would always make time for us.When i was in middle school she was my girl scout leader,she took the troop on a bike trip from N.H. back to Ma.we stayed in hostils and rode along the beach.When I was becoming a teen she was always there to let me know that I was ok even though my own mother could find flaws.She was and is a special aunt to me because she always took the tome to listen.


      Re: Giveaway Week 18 May 8th - 15th

      I am the sixth of seven children. My mom had me when my oldest brother had just turned 10. She was very busy with kids, running a house, and was very involved with our church. There was a "housewife" across the street with no children. She didn't work outside the home and was, frankly, very bored. She became my second mom. To this day I consider her one of the most important people in my life. She taught me to read (she had a degree in reading education) and made me the center of her life. I love her deeply. I am blessed to have two mothers. Happy Mother's Day to Carol!

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        Re: Giveaway Week 18 May 8th - 15th

        Yay Myrna!

        I remember when I was growing up, so many of my friends had issues with their moms when they were teens. Most of my friends wanted to hang out at my house because in their words "Your mom is so sweet all the time." And you know what? She really was. Once I was in high school and after I graduated, my mom was one of my best friends. Even when we were living in different states, we would usually talk on the phone at least every other day if not every day. She was always there for me, no matter what. Mom was the first person I told when I figured out I was pregnant, even before my husband.

        We lost mom in 2000, the day after Thanksgiving. I still miss her every day.
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          Re: Giveaway Week 18 May 8th - 15th

          One memory that holds dear is sitting on my mother's lap listening to her read Winnie the Pooh. Mom was an avid reader and loved reading to me. I hold that memory dear to my heart.
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            Re: Giveaway Week 18 May 8th - 15th

            I have been blessed with a wonderful mom who is always there for me. One of my favorite funny memories with mom was......the time my mom, my best friend and I went to hear a women's barbershop group sing. We knew several of the ladies in the group including my friends mom. During the concert the 3 of us got a serious case of the uncontrollable giggles about a ridiculous costume the ladies were wearing. We were laughing so hard and not making a sound....with tears rolling down our faces. Thankfully, it was dark in the room. Just about the time that we got a grip on ourselves & stopped mom let out a small snort type of laugh and got all 3 of us laughing again! The costume wasn't meant to be funny....and as you know laughing is always harder to control when you shouldn't be laughing in the first place. . We still laugh about that and it was over 20 years ago. I still love laughing with my mom.

            Congrats Myrna!
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              Re: Giveaway Week 18 May 8th - 15th

              I am the oldest of seven kids and started sewing when I was twelve (I'm now almost sixty). Mom had a machine but couldn't sew very well and the machine didn't get used very often until I took Home-Ec and started sewing classes. When I got married, my two younger sisters would take turns spending a week or two in the summer and I would make all their school clothes. Mom always kept a newer machine in the house, just in case she wanted to use it and last summer bought a new sewing machine and serger. She just recently passed away and I got all her sewing equipment (still in the cartons), supplies and fabrics. I have it all set up in my sewing room and every time I sit in front of one of her machines, I think of her and how thankful I am to have them. This is our first Mother's Day without her and it has been difficult. I miss her so much, but I can just go into my sewing room and feel her presence all around me. Happy Mother's Day Mom!
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                Re: Giveaway Week 18 May 8th - 15th

                The special mom in my life would be my own. She was always there for me sharing a laugh or a tear. She was my best friend. She taught me to sew, knit, crochet, and embroider.She has been gone 21 years and I miss her every day.
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                  Re: Giveaway Week 18 May 8th - 15th

                  Congrats Mroy

                  Once upon a time, long long ago (you get the idea) when my sister and I were just teens. We were at the drug store with mom picking up our vacation photos. We'd spent vacation at my grampy's summer place in Vermont. Mom had been doing some yard work and wore some of my gramp's old work clothes (he was a big man) complete with floppy had. Well of course we were eager to see our vacation pics so we opened them right there in the store. When we got to the one of mom in her work garb we all three just lost it laughing uncontrollably, tears and all. We had to leave the store.

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                    Re: Giveaway Week 18 May 8th - 15th

                    Some of my best childhood memories revolve around mothers. My Giant laughs when I mention the word "grandmother", because he tells me I've had 100! Not quite, but as a child I did have five! My parents mothers, my maternal grandfather's mother, my maternal grandmother's sister (who was referred to as "Nanny Ida") and then my "adopted" grandmother, as in, we adopted her, not the other way around. So between my own mother and then five grandmothers, I've had some amazing memories over the years I still have my mother, and one surviving grandmother, but the others have sadly left us too soon.

                    I do have one quick, funny story that sticks out, and it involves my "adopted" grandmother. In her late 80's, she went to visit her daughter in Labrador, and her two grandchildren. When the kids decided to go sledding, she decided she was going too. What was her sled of choice? A Krazy Karpet! And when we were all horrified as she was telling the story later, she couldn't understand what was so bad about an old lady sliding on a Krazy Karpet, because she was allowed to have fun too lol And have fun she did, 93 years worth!
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                      Re: Giveaway Week 18 May 8th - 15th

                      My mom passed away 6 years ago. She was a hard working woman who raised 7 children. On of the things I remember most was her being in Hospice before she died. You could look into her eyes and see her loving soul. That's how I'll always remember her.
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                        Re: Giveaway Week 18 May 8th - 15th

                        Congratulations MRoy! My mom once drove 500 miles just to help me during the final weeks of pregnancy. My husband (now ex) was too busy with volunteer work to help out with our four sons after I got sick. Once she found out, she was on her way, cried to get out of a speeding ticket while on her way, and stayed until I was on my feet after delivering my fifth son. During that time we spent a lot of time together and we did many special things like the two of us going out for breakfast on "Senior Thursday" at a local buffet, lunch after doctor appointments, stopping at yard sales (otherwise forbidden to me ) and napping! That son is now 27 and I still think about how much she sacrificed for me and made those last, miserable weeks memorable.
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                          Re: Giveaway Week 18 May 8th - 15th

                          Woo Hoo! That quilter's cash will go well with the other gift cards I bought. LOL!

                          I'm the youngest of 3 children. There was an age gap between the older two children. They married and left home while I was younger and my growing up years were like being an only child most of the time. My mom was able to devote more time to me. She taught me so much, like sewing. She especially showed me the best example of an honest, compassionate, God-loving woman that I could ever have. Mom passed away two weeks after Mother's Day seven years ago. I miss her greatly, but I have wonderful memories of my life with her.
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                            Re: Giveaway Week 18 May 8th - 15th

                            Congratulations, MRoy.

                            I have had many amazing women in my life, including my mother, my grandmothers, and great-grandmothers, but I am especially thankful for my daughter who is a wonderful mother to my granddaughter.
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                              Re: Giveaway Week 18 May 8th - 15th

                              The woman who inspired me to become a quilter was my grandmother, Helen Jones. She taught me how to sew and decided I needed to make my own quilt for my college dorm room before I left for college. I made what she called a "crazy quilt", but looks a lot like a traditional log cabin quilt. I decided it had to be a bright and colorful quilt and chose bright red, yellow and blue solids along with a colorful backing print. I still have this quilt and whenever I look at it, I think of Nana. There are scraps from our clothing and some prints that were my favorite then, but make me smile today. I miss that wonderful woman who was so patient with me as I first used her treadle Singer machine. She was so very excited when I bought my first sewing machine of my own, a Kenmore, that I used for at least 30 years before it needed to be replaced.