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Civeaway Week 34 Sep 2nd - 9th

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    Civeaway Week 34 Sep 2nd - 9th

    Congratulations to sunflower1944! chose you to be the winner of 500 Quilters Cash Points this week! Glad to know you have such a good quilting buddie! If only we could all be so lucky!

    I've always been a sew-er and for a long time a quilter! I know we all love to share quilting with friends, we love our buddies! But if you're introducing someone to the joys of quilting is there some basic reason why? What do you tell a newbie about why they will want to quilt?

    We don't need any big long answers (though we aren't against them either) but for this weeks question pretend I'm not a quilter and tell me why I should decide to start quilting! Yay! This is going to be fun! Sell it people, sell it!

    Just hit reply to thread at the top or bottom of this page and answer my question (or use the quick reply box below) and you'll be entered to win 500 Quilters Cash Points just like sunflower1944 did! Good Luck!
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    Re: Civeaway Week 34 Sep 2nd - 9th

    Do you like art? Can you draw? If you're like most of us, you can't draw or paint, but you CAN create a masterpiece with fabric! It's fun, and will fill your need for creativity.


      Re: Civeaway Week 34 Sep 2nd - 9th

      First I'd show you one of the simpler quilts that I've made and tell you how easy it was to make. (Especially if you like it) I'd love to teach you how to make it, and help you pick out fabric for it. I've had so much fun learning this and I'll show you how to use the tutorials with Jenny Doan!
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        Re: Civeaway Week 34 Sep 2nd - 9th

        Run! Run away from here as fast as you can! This is horribly addicting. You will collect fabrics just for the sake of looking at them and planning 52 ways to use them, but never cutting them up. You WILL meet some great people who are as addicted as you or possibly worse. Every fabric item will be evaluated for the possibility of becoming part of your next quilt.
        Run I say! Run!
        Besides that leaves more fabric for me! :P
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          Re: Civeaway Week 34 Sep 2nd - 9th

          Congrats to Sunflower!

          I'm not even sure what I would tell someone to get them interested in quilting. Most people love seeing what I can do, but they just want me to make them one instead of trying themselves. I think that quilting is a lot like any other form of creative expression, you either have it or you don't.
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            Re: Civeaway Week 34 Sep 2nd - 9th

            WTG Sunflower!

            Because I use a more "today" color/pattern assortment of fabrics, folks can tell that quilting today isn't like your grandma's quilting days. No Mom Jeans in this sewing room. ;P
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              Re: Civeaway Week 34 Sep 2nd - 9th

              Congrats to sunflower!! :-)

              I'll show you my finished and unfinished quilts and the fabrics. alone the beautiful fabrics and precuts will fall you in love! after that I'll tell you how much fun is it to create quilts with these fabrics and that there are techniques to make it very easy. of course it would be fun to sew together and lern together new stuff and support each other. I'll tell you that with so much smile in my face and so much passion, you can't run away :-) you' re in my cracy wourld of fun and quilting now :-) lol

              by the way.... my neighbor begun with quilting after that speech :-). lol I'am so excited to about quilting with her too.
              hugs and Happy quilting :icon_hug:

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                Re: Civeaway Week 34 Sep 2nd - 9th

                From choosing the fabric to sewing it together you get such a rush...such a sense of accomplishment. I recently started quilting and have taken my works in progress to my fellow employees and they want me to teach them. I use it was stress relief and it is very rewarding.


                  Re: Civeaway Week 34 Sep 2nd - 9th

                  I have always loved color as I have been a hairdresser for over 35yrs. I never thought I could quilt! This is so much more fun than doing hair! You will love the fabrics, the ease of trying out different patterns together. With Fabric you can RIP RIP RIP it out if you make a mistake! I cant do that on a human head!
                  Start with a simple kit or baby blanket, just start and you will be addicted! It is a stress reliever, I just love the humming of my sewing machine! Oh yes I do have a few extra of those sitting around here also if you need one to start~no need to have all those fancy machines just a simple straight stitch to begin! After spending a day with my Grandbabies I am ready to sit at my machine, wont you join me?


                    Re: Civeaway Week 34 Sep 2nd - 9th

                    Quilting is like painting with fabric, but your painting is not made with a simple brushstroke...but rather with this therapeutic, calming process of piecing and stitching, where every piece of fabric is touched and loved as is goes through the machine. It's so amazing to watch it grow and come together, and then there's the feeling of stitching that last stitch, cutting the thread, and holding it up...such accomplishment. And just when you think it can't get any get to pass it along to someone else, watch their eyes light up, and know you've blessed them with something that can last a lifetime! There's nothing like it.
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                      Re: Civeaway Week 34 Sep 2nd - 9th

                      If I can do it, anyone can do it and I'll be here to help you along!

                      Congratulations Summer!


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                        Re: Civeaway Week 34 Sep 2nd - 9th

                        You should quilt because of all the fantastic things you can do with fabric, even your scraps! There are THOUSANDS of different patterns and ideas to choose from, from easy to hard. Express yourself with fabric--it is way too much fun!
                        When life throws you scraps, make a quilt! :icon_bigsmile:


                          Re: Civeaway Week 34 Sep 2nd - 9th

                          You don't have to be talented, but if you can sew a straight line you can do this! Just start out slowly and I'll help you. The end results are beautiful, the colors and fabrics are simply yummy. The entire process is relaxing, the feel of the fabric as it goes through the sewing machine and when you are proud you are! I started out because I just wanted to "try" something different, fell in love with the entire process and have been hooked on quilting for 20 years. One day you will have the pleasure of helping someone else...pass the trade to another person. There is simply nothing like quilting, it is a form of creativity like nothing else! I LOVE IT!


                            Re: Civeaway Week 34 Sep 2nd - 9th

                            stitchywoman:: Wow!! This is beautiful! Did you make this?

                            Angela C.::Why yes I did. Do you quilt?

                            stitchywoman::Oh no, I could never.....

                            Angela C.:: Oh, yes you can!! Let me show you how. (goes and gathers lots of different fabrics)
                            Angela C.:: Come over here and let me teach you how to first lay out your colors and patterns. (sw finds lots of colors and patterns that she just loves)......Now I need to show you how to properly use a rotary cutter.

                            stitchywoman:: NO WAY!!!! I cannot do that!!!! I'll get hurt really bad!!!

                            Angela C.:: Wait sw...It's o.k. jsut watch how I work with the rotary cutter, and I promise you'll be o.k. I was afraid of it at first glance myself but as I used it I remembered to have respect for the item that it was.

                            stitchywoman:: Whew!! That really cuts the fabric really nice, doesn't it?

                            Angela C.:: Yes, it gives it nice even lines and its not as hard on your fingers and hand as a nice pair of scissors like grand-ma used.

                            stitchywoman::Your GrandMother quilted?

                            Angela C.:: Yes, that is where I gleaned my knowledge of quilting from. My mother sewed alot of other items like ruffled country curtains, table cloths, beautiful dresses for all of her kids and grandkids. I would watch her for hours to learn her sewing techniques and then I incorperated those into my memories of watching my grandmother quilt and with all that, I turn out a quilt in a few days.

                            stitchywoman::Wow!! What do you do with your quilts when your finished? I notice you have several quiilt tops that aren't finished yet.

                            Angela C.:: Yes, sw, I will sew several quilt tops and then afterwards I work on either machine or hand quilting. The quilt itself will tell you how it wants to be quilted.

                            stitchywoman:: You mean these quiilts talk?!?!?

                            Angela C.:: No, sw, not literally talk. lol. The pattern and the quilt itself expresses how it would like to look in the end. Thats why I sew together several tops before I quilt. That gives me time to look and see what the quilt wants to look like. After that, when they are finished, I give them as gifts to family members and friends. I have sold a few int he past and may sell a few in the future, but I love giving the gift of love that is sewn into a quilt to a dear family member or close friend.

                            stitchywoman::Wow!! I would love to do that. Can you show me how to put all the pieces we've cut together?

                            Angela C.:: Sure........{{Hours later}}

                            Stitchywoman:: OH, I can't believe my eyes!!! I can quilt!! May I have it? I would like to study the quiilt top so that I to can learn how to listen to the quilt to see how it would like to look in the end. Beautiful!!

                            Angela C.:: Sure, sw, it's yours. It is beautiful. I am so glad that I could pass on what I have learned from my GM and mother to you. It makes me feel well within my soul that now you, along with others, can now go and sew to you little hearts content.

                            stitchywoman:: Thanks you so much!!

                            Angela C.:: Your welcome, so very welcome Please remember, sw, to pay it forward.

                            stitchywoman:: I will....what I have learned here today...I will definately pay it forward!!

                            The End
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                              Re: Civeaway Week 34 Sep 2nd - 9th

                              I started because I wanted my daughters to have something I made for them. Something they could keep and snuggle up with. This is what I tell people that might be interested in becoming a quilter. It is a wonderful hobby not to mention the wonderful friends you can make.
                              Shirley :icon_bigsmile: