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Log Cabin Quilt-Along Spring 2009!

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  • sewhot
    Re: Log Cabin Quilt-Along Spring 2009!

    still on the fence......I know. I am a BIG chicken.

    It sounds so fun though.....hmmm. still on the fence. :P

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  • Natalie
    Re: Log Cabin Quilt-Along Spring 2009!

    This looks great Hillary! I will have to choose some fabrics...I can't wait to get started. I should probably finish some other things up first but, oh well,

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  • stitchywoman
    Choosing your fabric!

    OK ladies for our first set of instructions we are going to discuss choosing fabric!

    -First off, I mentioned before that their will be 2 main colors in this quilt. Not 2 fabrics but 2 main colors. You can have as many fabrics as you want :!: Just try to keep to the main colors (solids or prints whatever you like).

    - The finished quilt size will be 57x70 approx. (It will likely vary slightly :roll: oh well ) with 10.5" finished block sizes & 3" sashings

    -A log cabin square traditionally uses several fabrics of the same color that change from light in the center of the block with a small square and the fabrics get darker as you go out to the largest outside row of fabric or vice versa. Each block uses 2 colors. We will call them our primary and secondary colors. You can also fade from bright to deep or however you like it. Just be consistent.

    -You need to decide what 2 colors you will be using in your quilt. Each color will need differnet shades of fabric. Such as Dark, Medium Dark, Medium Light, and Light. When you have decided you can start finding what you have and what you will need to complete your color groups

    -This Log Cabin Sampler quilt requires 8 Fat Quarters of your primary color and 5 Fat quarters of your secondary color. It will also require 2 yards of sashing fabric. The back and binding will be in addition but this tutorial will not cover that... unless there's an uproar and then we'll figure it out

    Here is our list of how many fat quarters you will need of each color group.

    Primary Color - 4 shades
    Dark - 4 FQ of the same fabric or 2 sets of 2 matching FQ
    Medium Dark - 2 FQ of the same fabric
    Medium Light - 1 FQ
    Light - 1 FQ

    Secondary Color - 3 shades
    Dark - 2 FQ (they don't have to match, just both be of a darker shade)
    Medium - 2 FQ of the same fabric
    Light - 1 FQ

    Don't forget your 2 yds for sashing. I will be using an Amy Butler Slate, really anything neutral usually works great. You might consider getting enough of the fabric for your squares so that you can also use it for your binding. I will be taking extra strips in the same and similar colors from my fat quarters to piece together a scrappy binding. (if you do this you will probably want a couple extra FQ's or scraps, to the equivelant of .5 yd)

    Again, we will not be covering the finishing of the quilt, but depending on how you choose to finish it you will need batting & backing to 6"larger than the quilt top on all sides. You can choose to make this larger or smaller depending on your block size and sashing width.

    You can also use precut honey bun's or jelly roll's for these blocks. They will give a very scrappy look as the color changes will likely not be as smooth, they will also change the size of your block's. My strips are cut 2" wide. A honey bun is 1.5 and a jelly roll is 2.5 . So, it can be done but my instructions will be for working with FQ's cut in 2" strips. Feel free to adjust and share what works for you!

    My sister has been participating in a fun quilt along by Elizabeth Hartman at Oh, Frannson! who has a great discussion of color and color choices if you want to go check it out

    Something else I read about choosing fabrics on Elizabeth's site (this is not an exact quote but feel free to go check out her blog she has wonderful insite on all things quilting) is that there is no secret, just choose fabrics you love. You don't want to work for hours on a quilt with fabrics you can't stand. So step back and think about what you love. What colors did you paint your house what colors are in your closet are they florals, stripes, solids? Find what you love and you'll be happy.

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  • shell.scraps
    Re: Log Cabin Quilt-Along Spring 2009!

    You know I'm there!!

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  • stitchywoman
    started a topic Log Cabin Quilt-Along Spring 2009!

    Log Cabin Quilt-Along Spring 2009!

    Want to quilt with some new found friends! You're in the right place!

    My name is Hillary and I'm going to be working with everyone on a quick fun Log Cabin Sampler lap quilt called "Log Cabin Suburbia".

    I will be updating this post here with links to each new instructional post-

    The MSQC Log Cabin Quilt Along Flickr group!
    Supplies & Fabric Requirements
    Log Cabin Block Variations
    Fabric Prep
    Cutting Directions
    Sewing the Log Cabin Block
    Sewing the Square in a Square Block
    Sewing the Courthouse Steps Block
    Sashing the Quilt or... Adding the roads to our Log Cabin Suburbia

    Right now we are gathering supplies and instructions for this project You can plan on learning 3 different blocks (all variations on the log cabin) I plan to do one block in the improvisational style (click here for some great improv quilts from a virtual quilting bee hosted by Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie Studio) I think this will be a fun new experience that will let us explore some areas of quilting we may not have before... with support from eachother, not much to lose, and some great things to gain!

    We will have approx. 2 weeks to work on each block style (there are 7 of each block style) This will be adjusted as needed and in about 6 weeks you'll have a quilt ready for quilting! There will be photo tutorials put up for each block as we start them.

    Let's see who wants to play!