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WIP - 9/6/16 - Hello Fall? Hello Spring?

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    Re: WIP - 9/6/16 - Hello Fall? Hello Spring?

    I'm quilting a couple of gifts this week and working on my Pfeffernüsse quilt.
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      Re: WIP - 9/6/16 - Hello Fall? Hello Spring?

      Working on two UFO's and a another lap quilt might make it a gift for a wedding its a stash and left over quilt. I have two starbright tops slightly enlarged waiting for quilting. Need to get rocking but feeling kinda blah today lol
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        Re: WIP - 9/6/16 - Hello Fall? Hello Spring?


        My fabrics are cut but I've not been in the space to sew today. I didn't sleep well last night and have been headachy all day. Yuck. On the upside, the quilting book I requested from the library last week came in today! I saw it at the quilt shop and really liked it but decided to try the library before I spent $46 Canadian on it!



          Re: WIP - 9/6/16 - Hello Fall? Hello Spring?

          I finished block six of Winters Song. You probably can't tell from the photos but I have improved tremendously in turning the edges under in just six blocks of learning and doing. My points are now pointy and my curves are round. I have included a close up of the cardinal because I spend an extra 25 minutes trying to find the right fabric for the tail.

          WintersSong 002.JPGWintersSong 001.JPGWintersSong 003.JPG
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            Re: WIP - 9/6/16 - Hello Fall? Hello Spring?

            Originally posted by seaturtle View Post
            I love the illusion quilt. That appliqué is beautiful. I'm going to start visiting this thread so I can see these great projects every week.
            I hope you do! The more the merrier!!

            I've been on hiatus, between jetlag and school getting started it's always tough for me to sew the month of August and into early September. Today I broke the streak though, I put some finishing details on a pile of items that I had serged but not completed before we flew back last month.

            I have cut the fabric for a new pile of cloth napkins that is greatly needed, and that's what I'm sewing on today, and probably throughout the week. I don't know what big project will come next, but I probably won't start anything really important until October break.

            I do have Halloween fabric for shirts I promised the kids, so those are probably next in line after operation napkin ;-)

            all these beautiful projects put my nonsense to shame though!

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              Re: WIP - 9/6/16 - Hello Fall? Hello Spring?

              I had to try a New to me pattern this week.. I finally got a grand way of making the Mariner's Compass.

     has the templates and video on how to make this..

              If you are new to quilting, this is the fastest, easiest way to get your Compass together.. not a lot of little pieces to fuss with either.

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