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WIP 2/24/15. New week new treasures made!

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    Re: WIP 2/24/15. New week new treasures made!

    Rosie, thanks for the tutorial, I really need them to help me out. I have even bought two booklets on how to make different kinds of bags to give myself a chance. All the bags folks make look just so great, but they are usually follwed with words such as ...tough...never again,etc. lol.
    Yesterday was in quilters heaven by being able to visit two of my favorite shops. I follwed that by my monthly quilt meeting. I have not been to a meeting since Nivember due to the winter roads, the meeting is over two hours away. Mis judged the waether last night and drove back in a snow storm, took four hours and got hime after midnight. Ugh. But worth it to see everyone again. Today, after a meeting all day, I am skipping my meeting tonight and going to prep my new fabric and work on my lap quilt for my aunt. Cant wait! Happy sewing everyone. Pics to follow.