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Laurel Burch Horse Fabrics

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    Laurel Burch Horse Fabrics

    I would like to get some Laurel Burch horse fabrics for a project. Of course, none is available in the shops but I thought I'd ask on the forum if anyone has in in their stash and would be willing to part with it, I would be very willing to pay for the fabric and also the shipping of course.

    This is to be a quilt for the young lady who lives next door to us, and who is a real horse girl. She graduates from High school this coming spring and I want it for a quilt for her.

    Thanks so much.

    Re: Laurel Burch Horse Fabrics

    I don't have any of that fabric, unfortunately, but I have searched for it a couple of months ago.
    I found some on ebay, but I just checked there and there isn't any.
    I did find it at a fabric shop online, of course I checked MSQC website 1st and there isn't any there.
    Here is a link, I hope it's o.k. to post this. I am NOT affiliated in any way with this shop.
    They have several lines of Laurel Burch horse fabrics.


      Re: Laurel Burch Horse Fabrics

      Do you know which ones you are looking for in particular? My local quilt still has some of these and they do international orders. I think they still had the larger allover print and some of the border print, I can check for you.

      They also ahve the smaller running forses. These are in the blue colours not the earthy tones.
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        Re: Laurel Burch Horse Fabrics may be a good resource for you.