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I really need to ask....

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    I really need to ask....

    what may be a stupid question.

    I have a 82 x 82 quilt that I just spray basted. The quilting is going to be done by using my embroidery module as well as some stitch in the ditch along the block sashing.

    If it is spray basted, is it really necessary to quilt from the center and go out, or can I quilt the blocks in rows or columns? Can I start from one side and just work my way over to the other side? Will it really shift? Please, everyone chime in.......I have never quilted a quilt that was spray basted.

    Crazy Quilt.jpg

    Re: I really need to ask....

    I use basting spray and I do start in the center and work my way out.

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      Re: I really need to ask....

      I always spray baste my quilts and I would start in the middle.
      Shift happens even with spray basting even if it is much less.
      It still happens.

      Good luck !

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        Re: I really need to ask....

        I agree about it shifting. I would do a stitch in the ditch on all major seams starting from the middle that way it is stabilized for your embroidery machine.

        My last large quilt I spray basted shifted so much that I had pleats in the border. I made them look like seams and stitched them down. And this was with me quilting the center first!

        Also want to add: Your quilt is gorgeous!
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          Re: I really need to ask....

          I have just started using spray basting and I always started in the center first. I am going to try using my embroidery module as well for the centers of the 'plain' blocks. I am going to sitd first and then embroider. I wish us both good finishes. I, too, like your quilt.
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            Re: I really need to ask....

            I agree with the others. Very pretty quilt. I stabilize in a couple of places now too because I had one shift on me.
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              Re: I really need to ask....

              Your quilt is beautiful. Reminds me of stained glass.

              I would stabilize by stitching your seams from the center, then your blocks shouldn't shift.

              P.S. You didn't mention if you did or not. I also press after I spray baste. Makes it really stick and flat.

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