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Pinked Edges.....Grrrr

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  • minipinlady
    Re: Pinked Edges.....Grrrr

    While I do not have a solution, I can say I agree with you on how annoying those edges are.

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  • Tracie T
    started a topic Pinked Edges.....Grrrr

    Pinked Edges.....Grrrr

    I thought I'd go to you all for help. I know the reason for pinked edges on precuts but they sure do drive me nuts when trying to sew them against a straight edge! I googled the issue only to find that some measure from the tip, some measure from the valley and some even cut them off!

    I'm trying to make zipper quilt and stupid me didn't think I needed to measure my charm pack to be sure it's 5" but apparently the pinked edges on this particular pack made them a bit bigger. I cut my own 2 1/2" blocks for the ends that are now a bit too small since they have a straight edge.

    I have more fabric to use but it irks me and I was wondering what you all do when dealing with sewing one pinked edge to one straight edge. Thanks for your advice.