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My Aching Back

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    My Aching Back

    I'd like to hear what keeps your lower back from hurting while sewing!! Is it your chair, the height of the sewing table, the tilt of the machine, your posture while sitting, or something else? Anything that helped your aching back, I'd like to hear about!!

    Re: My Aching Back

    I went to one of the office supply stores and bought myself an armless office chair that adjusts up and down. The backrest also tilts forward. It wasn't very expensive and it has really helped my back. I also don't allow myself to sit at the machine for long periods of time. I'll sew for a little while and then get up and do something else. ( As we all know, there's always something else that needs to be done.)
    You might also consider doing some back stretching. I would imagine all you'd have to do is google back exercises and a lot would pop up for you to try. Make sure you're not leaning over a lot when you're cutting. If you're using an ironing board make sure it's a tall enough board that you aren't leaning over it. I mentioned in one of my earlier threads that I put my cutting table on bed risers to get it up higher so I'm not leaning over it as much. Putting a pillow behind your lower back will also help. Usually when we sit at the machine we're not resting our lower back against anything. The pillow helps give you support. It's really important to take care of your back. Hope this is helpful.

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