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Mississippi quilters?

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    Mississippi quilters?

    Just tossing this idea out here.
    I'm southeast of Jackson MS about an hour. The main sewing person in the family (my Mom) passed away before I could learn much more from her. See my intro thread here

    Scroll down to nearly the bottom of that page for the recent update.

    What I'm looking for is a sewing/quilting pal nearby that might be willing to teach me some basics in exchange for some long arm quilting on their quilts. (This is more of a trade or barter than outright advertising.) Besides, I'm not up to shipping and receiving anyway!

    There is loads of material here, plus 2 sewing machines on nice tables set up, plus the long arm. (and loads of accuquilt dies).
    Message me here or in pm. Would take a bit of talking back and forth anyway to build some trust. This might be a bad idea, but don't know unless I try something.
    Heck, still paying on the long arm, might as well use it. Or sell the whole shebang.


    Re: Mississippi quilters?

    I think that's a great idea (sorry I'm not near you).

    Thru this forum I have been blessed to have met several wonderful members who live nearby and a special one who lives on the other side of the country that was visiting our area (we all got together for a long lunch and shopping). It was a wonderful afternoon making new friends!

    I consider them all forum friends and likely would have never met them in person if it weren't for this forum, but there are two who live within 10 miles of me and I love it when I get to spend some time with either (or both) of these two very special ladies.


      Re: Mississippi quilters?

      Give it a little time, there are no shortage of quilters out there.


        Re: Mississippi quilters?

        That was a heck of an idea, go for it, is this all set up in separate room / building? Have you made a sign to post out side so people can see it?
        When you have decided what you believe, what you feel must be done, have the courage to stand alone and be counted
        Eleanor Roosevelt


          Re: Mississippi quilters?

          I want to be careful here not to go into too much so it gets misunderstood that I am wrongfully "advertising". I am just seeking a trade on sewing machine lessons, in exchange for me doing some long arm quilting (edge to edge) on my Gammill. I know it sounds strange, but I learned the Gammill before sewing! (It's also computerized.)
          My desire here is only local. Hence the title.


            Re: Mississippi quilters?

            sorry to hear about your mums passing.
            while your waiting,
            is there anything you have seen, a quilt or block you would like to try making?

            there are lots of great videos out there, here are some favourites
            Jenny m* and Rob Appell accessed by quilt tutorials in the blue ribbon above or searching on Youtube.

            designers / educators on you tube include:

            quilt cam Bonnie Hunter Quiltville.
            midnight quilt show Angela Walters
            Jordan Fabrics
            Stuart Hillard in the UK does the Accuquilt classroom and talks about the 1/4 inch seam and how to check 10.45
            a sampler quilt video
            Jennie Rayment
            Eleanor Burns
            Leah Day
            there are many more. hope these will inspire.


              Re: Mississippi quilters?

              Hi! I'm in Jackson, but my machine skills are fairly basic; I tend to hand piece, mostly, but I know how to use a machine and, when in doubt, read the manual!

              You might try contacting a quilt guild, as well!


                Re: Mississippi quilters?

                Have you tried asking at a local quilt shop? My thought is that maybe they would help teach you the piecing in exchange for you quilting some of their shop samples. It won't hurt to ask.


                  Re: Mississippi quilters?

                  Have you had any luck? I know of someone in Wiggins if that is close to you that may be a great resource. She has her own long arm, but is active in the Wiggins area.