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    Re: Binding question

    If I had to hand stitch any part of the binding process, I wouldn't do bindings! I machine stitch everything and since I do two or three bindings a week (for charity) it's a necessity.

    I sew binding to the front side- iron and fold to the back. Then I use either glue or use SAS II to fasten it to the back. Then it's STID from the front, hopefully catching the folded binding 1/8" from the edge. The ironing and the glue usually does the trick. I sew the binding to the front using a 3/8 seam allowance. Join ends with a butt joint instead of diagonal. I make sure to "fill" the binding when folding to the back. With the 3/8 SA on the front, a 2 1/2 binding is the right size to have the front stitching catch the back @ 1/8. Sounds maybe like extra steps to iron, fold, glue, etc. It's actually a time saver, and looks good. Total time to bind? Around an hour for a twin.
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      Re: Binding question

      I'm with Oldmanquilts -- I do all bindings by machine. So much faster, easier, & saves arthritic fingers. I sew the binding on the front first, then fold to the back side. I measure the same width with a sewing gauge & use pins. Press both the front & the back sides before stitching. I do SITD on the front; it catches it on the back. Check your work frequently so you stay on track. The only hand work will be just a couple stitches to catch the corners on the back.


        Re: Binding question

        Originally posted by 201 Treadler View Post
        Binding is my gremlin
        want to improve

        thankfully watched a video of Jenny attaching binding a quilt and have used that method (all quilting life) for joining the ends,
        even the corners on first part of attaching binding, manage to fold a nice 45 degree as per Jenny's you tube its the one with the green border on quilt. thanks Jenny.

        The gremlin for me is the fold over to other side where things can go wrong, and often do, requiring some un sewing.

        using wonderful quilt pegs, get everything folded over straight
        set to go, to machine sew
        ( hand sewing no longer an option)
        sew away at a constant slow pace
        right round quilt removing the pegs
        the quilt cut straight edge running next to the securely attached seam guide

        turn the quilt over and find the binding has either not caught, ruffled, or managed to go wonky at corners
        having tried to find the answer, have looked at many videos and blogs,
        just found one that shows an iron at a certain moment

        are we supposed to iron the binding over to other side? is this the step, that would keep the binding in place.

        any one able to confirm if am missing this moment of ironing bliss?
        suggest a way of keeping the binding in place for the second sew,
        (1st sew attaching binding.)

        many thanks
        We share a gremlin then, Treadler. Binding is my complete nemesis and I seriously dislike it. Having said that, I found a video by Sharon Schamber on YouTube and I think there may be hope for me. She uses the glue method.

        The other thing I realized is that my walking foot has huge presser feet and was obstructing my view and making it almost impossible to completely stay on the binding once it’s folded over. Today I ordered a more open walking foot and I’m excited to use it.

        Between the glue method and the new walking foot, hope springs eternal!


          Re: Binding question

          Thank you everyone, for your great tips and tricks

          sorry for the delay in responding have been badly, taking to me bed, still suffering some ails, will try to do achieve as soon as feel human again.

          ps welcome to the forum, also excited for your new walking foot, let us know how you get on Libits


            Re: Binding question

            Originally posted by TMP View Post
            I hand sew mine . I don't have a lot of luck with sewing it on the machine. I enjoy sewing it by hand and usually do this while watching tv.
            Ditto! It's actually one of my favorite parts,


              Re: Binding question

              I actually like sewing on binding. I do it the old way, double fold then machine stitch to front matching raw edges, hand stitching to the back. I think us hand quilters are not fazed by any kind of stitching by hand. And it is pretty easy mindless work.


                Re: Binding question

                I also machine to front and hand sew to back. I dislike machine quilting, but
                enjoy hand sewing the binding.


                  Re: Binding question

                  Originally posted by CraftyJnet View Post
                  I'm curious why the serpentine stitch?
                  If you go one and off the edge with a uniform stitch, it doesn't appear to be a mistake. If I understand the Missouri Star binding queens, that's how they finish quilts that customers want them to machine bind.


                    Re: Binding question

                    What is the seam allowance one should use? I am using 2 1/2" strips (1 1/4" after fold and ironed).
                    Practicing and notice the flip side is 1/8" different, toward the edge than first seam. Machine binding by the way. My corners ain't terrible, just the seam allowance is my problem for now.


                      Re: Binding question

                      90% of my binding that is done on the machine is done using the Flange binding. If not using the flange binding I do use the serpentine stitch to make sure I catch all the front. (I sew on the back and flip to the front when machine stitching and on the front and flip to the back if hand stitching.) I think the key to good binding is three part: Press, slow and relax.


                        Re: Binding question

                        I do pocket tuck to attach my ends. and I always press mine - twice. First I press open, or flat out, then turn the quilt over and press to the other side. I clip as I go, and pin the corners. My motto is: I don't own 20 sewing machines so I can hand sew a thing!
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                          Re: Binding question

                          Originally posted by PrettyCurious View Post
                          My motto is: I don't own 20 sewing machines so I can hand sew a thing!
                          I love your motto!



                            Re: Binding question

                            a type of decorative stitch