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Quilting Quandary - Words

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    Quilting Quandary - Words

    I am totally baffled as to how to quilt part of this project. First I ditched all the blocks and frames. The nurses I have echoed closely and tightly meandered the background, and that looks great! I’m doing looser spirals on the cap fabric, and I’m happy with that, too. My problem is the blocks with the word art. When I try to picture what it would look like quilting around the words, it doesn’t seem like it will look right - kind of hokey. But I’m afraid that if I quilt over the words, they will lose their significance. The stark black and white contrast is also problematic; I have to use white thread, which is going to make an impact on the black lettering. Does anyone have any recommendations as to how to handle this? Has anybody done a similar project? I’d love to see some examples!


    Re: Quilting Quandary - Words

    I think if you stipple around the words, like you did for the background of the nurse, that will make them stand out fine without having to strictly outline them and no need to change thread colors that way either.
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      Re: Quilting Quandary - Words

      firstly take the photo & print out ,then perhaps draw in pencil or sew with out thread through the photo round the photo writing.
      my first thought was speak clouds like in comics round writing, then echo that shape, but you could do
      large flowers
      hearts or any shape you feel happy with creating, its your quilt there is no right or wrong
      sometimes I look at the ms paint 3d program for shape inspiration
      happy stitching


        Re: Quilting Quandary - Words

        If you can get on Pinterest, search for quilts for nurses and there's quite a few similar to yours. It looks like most of them just did a meandering squiggle thing right through the words, not outlining them and they looked fine to me.


          Re: Quilting Quandary - Words

          I did some lettering on a wall quilt. I outlined the letters in white, and didn’t fill them in. It looks great, and yours will, too. Don’t worry about using the white to outline. As long as you stay close to the lettering and don’t get the white thread in the black, it will look just fine.

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