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    I need help in putting my sewing room in order beginning with my material. I have it in plastic containers , but have to sort thru to see what I have. I would love to have it so when I want to lay my hands on it, I don't have to hunt for it. Any suggestions??? Some days, I want to start over with neew material and just hide the old, but we know how hard it is to toss...IMPOSSIBLE. All advice welcomed.

    Re: Organizing

    do you have shelves you can stack it on? I need to be able to see my stash I have it in stacks so I can see all it's fabric yumminess!!


      Re: Organizing

      This is how I learned from my Mom to "sort" my fabric stash.
      We use the under the bed size plastic storage boxes that are see thru - very important to be see thru! and not the bigger ones because they just are too heavy for me to lift. A lable on the end of each box tells/confirms for me what is in the box. They live stacked on metal shelving along the wall of the sewing room.

      First I sort by fabric type ie: cotton / flannel / silks / lace / other
      1. solids are sorted by dark or light
      2. by holiday - christmas of course takes its own several boxes but some are together, like vday / st pattys and easter are together in one box. i have 2 boxes of red, white, blue specific to Patriotic fabrics. Halloween has its own box and Thanksgiving has other Fall type prints along with it.
      3. by novelty print - sorted by age group, animals, fun stuff, etc
      4. by color - which is then sorted, sort of, by print size
      5. homespuns have their own boxes

      Large pieces that will be used as backing are shelved seperately and are not in the storage boxes.
      Precut squares are in the smaller hinged lid plastic boxes and each are labled to size, ie: 2", 2.5", 3", 3.5" and so on up to 6". There is a new box for JellyRolls and Turnovers! There are also a couple scrap boxes - in case i decide to ever do a spiderweb quilt! Notions have a 4 drawer filing cabinet and each drawer has dividers and is labled on the front.

      HA! sounds like it is pretty well organized but there is always a pile of fabrics that need to be sorted back into the correct box after cutting. (Kind of like laundry that is folded but needs to be put away) Still I fuss when i can't find exactly that "right" fabric when i am looking for it SO new fabrics are always finding their way into my sewing room, waiting to be sorted and meet new fabric friends! LOL

      Some of my girls have been generous and given me fabrics which is really fun to use and point out in completed projects so I try and lable them when I add to the stash.

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        Re: Organizing

        That sounds like Heaven!!! I have a small cubby in my bedroom, where everything (which isn't much yet) is just piled for now. I live in a very small 2 bedroom home, with my hubby and 3 children, so space is a BIG obstacle. I'm hoping to build on someday, and that new addition will include my own space for quilting goodies, but for now, I really need a new way to organize, especially since I keep finding all these great deals on MSQC!!!


          Re: Organizing

          You must go to!! Bonnie Hunter's site is terrific - she has free patterns of quilts made from scraps and better yet, how she organizes her stash. I am a novice quilter and now I am anxious to build up my scraps to get started on some of her quilts!!


            Re: Organizing

            If you are tight on space, think about hanging things on the back of a door. You can get those shoe holders with lots of pockets. You can tuck all kinds of notions and even small cuts of fabrics in there. The over-the-door hooks are a wonderful way to hold those up. I had one that a friend made for my baby shower. It has an adorable print, and we use it as a diaper caddy and catch all for her things. It is still useful even though she is 4 now. Mount some peg board to the inside of a cupboard door to hold your rulers and other flat things. Good luck with your space!
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