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  • Hourglass block

    I know that 5" squares make up a 6 &1/4"
    hourglass block. What are the calculations to make a 5" hourglass block. Is there a formula to make different size hourglass blocks?
    Thanks in advance!
    Annie Puchany

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    Re: Hourglass block

    My 5" hourglass blocks actually finished to about 6" after I squared them all up. I am not sure what you are asking. Are you attempting to get a specific size on your finished block? If not, you can join any size squares into 4-patches as long as all of your squares are the same size to begin with, for example all 4" or all 3" etc. I don't think I would go smaller than 4" if you are using Jenny's method to make them (two 4-patch blocks sew on all 4 sides right sides together and then cross cut the whole thing in an X.) Smaller than 4" your finished triangles would be so small I think it would chop into the design printed on the fabric too much. I like the end liik of the 5" squares myself. Sorry I guess I am not very much help here. I love that pattern, it is so simple, I am working on it now and my top is about 80% complete. I am terrible at math so basically my method is to make notes as I go and make one sample block and decide if it is the size I want. Maybe you could try that. Good luck!
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      Re: Hourglass block

      Here is a chart that is useful!


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        Re: Hourglass block

        I'm sorry I'm not good at math so cannot help you. I'm working on this same pattern and decided using the 10" square is way to big for me so I'm going to make sample blocks to see what I want. I'll do an 8" square and see how big that block turns out and if that's still bigger than I want I'll do a 6" block. Doing sample blocks was a good suggestion from jjkaiser.


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          Re: Hourglass block

          I'm coming up with about a 4" square to make a 5" unfinished Super Easy Hourglass block. Try a sample block.
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            Re: Hourglass block

            Thanks to all who responded to my request.
            I am going to try 4 & 1/2" squares so I will have enough to "square up" my blocks.