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diappearing 4 patch pressing?

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    diappearing 4 patch pressing?

    Hi! I am new on this board and am excited to be part of it. Now could someone PLEASE tell me how to press the seams? I think I have tried every way but the right one! I can not get seams to lock for a nice block. Thanks for your help. Dee

    Re: diappearing 4 patch pressing?

    Well, for the fist part - the nine patch, I pressed to the dark. Because I alternated the lights and darks, my seams match up nicely.
    Here's my blog with pictures.

    I did my top row dark, light, dark - sewed then pressed both seams toward the dark, or in this case, away from each other.
    Then my middle row - light, dark, light sewed then pressed both seams toward the dark, or in this case, toward each other.
    Then bottom row dark, light, dark - sewed then pressed both seams toward the dark, or in this case, away from each other.
    When I sewed the 3 rows together, the seams nested perfectly.

    I squared up the 9 patch block, sliced it, then sewed it back together. For blocks like this one, I press the block seams in the direction of the side with the least number of seams. It will want to lay that way, anyway.

    Then I sewed the blocks together in rows, without pressing at all. I press the whole row after all the rows are assembled.
    Top row press to the right, next row press to the left, next to the right ect, REGARDLESS of color. Then when I sew the rows together, those seams nest up.
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      Re: diappearing 4 patch pressing?

      Welcome from Michigan !
      Here on MSQC's website Jenny Doan does weekly tutorials for everyone. If you watch a tutorial of hers, she will always instruct you to "Press To The Dark Side.

      Just FYI ......Jenny does a weekly tutorial and they are put out each Friday. IF you click on Tutorials ( at the top of the website just click on Quilt Tutorials and you will find many tutorials. Most of them are a Quilt Tutorial, but once in a great while Jenny will do a tutorial on a different sewing project. Jenny's videos are VERY good.....and she does a great job explaining how to create the quilt she is doing the tutorial on !
      Here's this week's tutorial :

      Tea Cakes Quilt With Jenny !

      Here's Last Week's Tutorial :

      Make A Stack & Flip Quilt With Jenny !

      Here's The Tutorial from Two Weeks Ago:
      Make A Fence Rail Star Quilt With Jenny !

      MSQC also has "Quilt Snips" Tutorials. These are small easy to follow videos for quilt ideas!
      Have Fun!
      Summer In The Park :

      Here's another Quilt Snips !
      Mini Periwinkle :

      Dee, if you like you can go to YouTube and sign up for the weekly tutorials if you like,although I must admit a lot of us wait patiently on Friday AM in the wee hours after 12 mid, depending on what time zone you live in is when you can watch the NEW Tutorial. For me, living in Michigan, it's Eastern Standard Daylight time, so I can watch the newest tutorial at 1am !
      So, if your up in the wee hours of the morning and want to check on the newest tutorial you can !
      Also, a forum member, Swedish Leo /Annika posts the NEW Weekly Tutorial on the forum for us !

      Also, the Daily Deal changes every day.....MSQC has some awesome "Deals" for the Daily sure to check it out !

      Again, welcome to the forum !
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        Re: diappearing 4 patch pressing?

        I use a short stitch - 1.9- and press the seams open
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          Re: diappearing 4 patch pressing?

          PRESS OPEN! You should use a smaller stitch length if you do this (smaller than 2.5 or maybe even smaller than 2 or 2.1 -- depending on your machine). How do you know how small of a stitch length? Sew a few sample squares or strips together. If you can easily tear apart at the beginning or end of where you sewed so that the 2 squares or strips break away from each other, then you need a smaller stitch.

          Leah Day recommends it and she has never had a problem.

          I can't for the life of me "feel" the pressed to one side seams locking together! And if you think about it: "they" say to press to one side (usually to the dark sided fabric) so that 1) your seam won't be seen through the light fabric, and 2) to eliminate bulkiness when free motion quilting. If you are pressing to one side, you are creating a bump on one side of the seam! No bumps when pressing seams open!

          Here is a good video re: the schools of thought between pressing seams open vs. pressing to one side:

          You can check out other helpful videos in my User Notes in my Profile (to the left under my user name).
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            Re: diappearing 4 patch pressing?

            thanks to everyone for helping..I think i will try at sometime to do the open seam but I have 2 rows finished on this quilt so i will work my way thru it. Afraid it might show up different if i didn't. Glad it isn't a show quilt! Dee


              Re: diappearing 4 patch pressing?

              How are you going to quilt it?
              If you are going to do a free motion design, you can press the seams open.
              If you are going to stitch in the ditch, you should press them to one side.
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