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Quilt Binding using 2 1/2 inch strips

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    Re: Quilt Binding using 2 1/2 inch strips

    Originally posted by MaryUK View Post
    I machine sew on bindings and usually stitch on the front and fold over to the back then SITD on the front, but I'm no expert.
    I do this now, BUT after, or rather while, I fold it to the back, I iron the binding flat, so it will stay in place better. Then pin the corners, and use clips everywhere else.

    I use to stitch 1/4" , but at the same time, I would top stitch the binding, which resulted in the back having too much fabric on the edge past the stitches, if that makes sense. So I either had to go to 3/8" stitch, or make the binding 2 1/4" wide before folding over, but instead, I employed a 3rd option. I started stitching next to the binding, or in the ditch, and that made the binding look better on both sides.

    I also started matching the thread colors to the fabric, even if they are different. For instance, if front border is white [where I will be sewing], I use white in the needle, and if the binding is pink, I use pink in the bobbin.

    Here I used yellow on top, and pink in the bobbin.


    This quilt has 2 layers of thick #3 batting, so it's gonna pucker no matter what.

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      Re: Quilt Binding using 2 1/2 inch strips

      Originally posted by Bubby View Post
      I use 2 1/4" strips for binding and I sew the ends together diagonally. I usually sew my binding to the front and wrap it to the back and hem it by hand because I love the handwork. On smaller items I occasionally sew the whole binding by machine. In those cases, I machine sew the binding to the back and wrap it to the front and then machine stitch it down using a slightly longer stitch.
      That's pretty exactly what I am doing, I use 2 1/4 or 2" strips, because I like my binding very tight. I do also love the hand sewing part...
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