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    Machine applique

    What is ne best way to learn applique.

    What stitch do you use

    How do you keep it consistent ?

    Re: Machine applique

    I pretty much taught myself with this booklet and used a satin stitch.I have some pictures in my albums. As for consistency I made a sample of every width and lenght I could and wrote that down. It takes practice, but a lot of fun. I use different stiches now though. Satin stiches can be time consuming.
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      Re: Machine applique

      I also use satin stitch a lot for applique. I have tried various widths and found one I like. I also use the blanket stitch for applique.
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        Re: Machine applique

        I highly suggest taking a Craftsy class - they offer a few different ones. Look for a sale. Learn correctly right from the start. It will be well worth the investment, as I found when I took a hand-applique class. While I've been hand-appliqueing for several years, using a mish-mash of YouTube videos finally frustrated me enough to learn it right. Craftsy was the ticket, and my applique has improved by leaps and bounds!
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