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which backing for flannel quilt?

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    which backing for flannel quilt?

    I am ready to add the borders for a flannel quilt but need to decide if backing should be flannel or cotton. If I'm making a flannel back then I need to make sure I have enough of the fabric for it before I cut borders. The quilt is for a guy and is about 58" x 74" before borders are added- subtract the 1/2" seams from that. This is my first flannel quilt so I'm having trouble deciding on the backing. I will be using batting to give it some thickness. I have wide backing in cotton which would make it easy. If I use flannel, I'll have to use different fabrics leftover from the top in order to have enough. I just don't know if cotton batting would be good on a flannel top. I prefer flannel and could probably order more to match so that it's all one fabric but I'd like to get this done within the next couple days. If it matters, I'll be quilting on a longarm using digitized designs. This shouldn't be such a hard decision to make! Please help me make up my mind!

    Re: which backing for flannel quilt?

    All flannel quilts are nice and warm, which would be fantastic for Pittsburgh winters. Some places even sell wide flannel backing. You might check or for that. I have purchased from both and received very good service and prices as well. I love using the wide backing fabric instead of piecing the backs. Cotton backing would work fine with flannel, it just wouldn't be as toasty.
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      Re: which backing for flannel quilt?

      I have made 3 all flannel quilts, with cotton batting. They all turned out very well.

      I don't see a problem with having a cotton backing to a flannel top - but I'll bet the recipient would probably flip the quilt so the flannel was closest to them. If I had your problem, I would piece the backing with what I had.
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        Re: which backing for flannel quilt?

        Thank you, Karen and Sylvia! I decided to go with the flannel. I did find some at Thousands of Bolts that shouldn't take too long to get here. I like sites that tell me how much they have in stock! Thanks for your help.