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    Re: Pins!!

    Not all batiks are equal. I teach Hawaiian quilting which is all by hand. I tell my students to take their sewing needle with them when they are buying a batik fabric. Open the fabric to one thickness, stand the needle up, point down on the fabric and gently press the eye of the needle down into the fabric. If it resists and is difficult to push through, don't buy it you will have trouble appliqueing and quilting, and don't use two batiks for your quilt top or you are in deep kim chee as we say in Hawaii.

    If you are having trouble when pinning or sewing , use mom's old diaper pin trick and run the point of pin across your scalp. This will slightly oil the tip on the pin and it will slide right through the fabric.

    I only use .5mm or fine pins with the white heads. Don't use the long pins with the yellow heads, it's like pushing a nail through the fabric. I don't use the clover pins because they are too sharp and they bend easy. Don't want bloody fingers. Hope this helps.


      Re: Pins!!

      There are also different QUALITIES of the different types of pins. Just like all cottons are not equal, all silk pins aren't either.


        Re: Pins!!

        I really haven't thought that much about pins. Thanks for posting the articles.


          Re: Pins!!

          The Iris were the old style - flat head.

          I don't have trouble with quilting fabrics for a quilt, I can use glue if I have to.

          It's garments! I really don't see why you are expected to have 50 million types of pins to make a shirt! I do a lot of color and fabric blocking on shirts, and have had NO trouble until I wanted to use the long quilting pins. I'll also use whatever fabric works for what I am doing as long as it can go in the wash.

          Our parents (or grandparents) did the job with what they had. You hoarded any kind of pin during the depression, and people still quilted with what they had. I like my tech stuff, but with everyone trying to tell you what to buy, what to wear, how to think, I've had it.

          My mother hoarded the needles for her Featherweight.

          I have used 2 batiks in quilts and had no problem sewing. I do what I want with the colors. If it's half cotton and half batiks, so be it.

          BTW - knits like ball point anything. But in a pinch I've sewn lycra skating dresses and dance costumes with an 80/12 regular needle. If you need the costume yesterday, you broke your last ball point needle - you do what you need to get done and not have the stuff fall apart.

          I have no clue what the shorter glass head pins are, but they were guaranteed not to melt if you ironed over them. I've had some for over 20 years. They go through everything.
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            Re: Pins!!

            We aren't in a depression anymore and products change with time. I'm trying to understand why your so upset about this. Everyone offered a solution for you. Pins aren't that expensive to try different brands.
            🌺 Lorie


              Re: Pins!!

              Maybe we aren't in a depression, but I'm tired of getting this, getting that, buying extra stuff just because some "expert" thinks it's the way to go. Buying all the extras can cut into your fabric budget and I believe in KISS. I also don't like running all over town to purchase an item.
              Unlike most - I hate to shop.

              Then you have to organize for each different item for special use. I don't organize. I might do fabric by color, but that's as far as I go.
              Pins? toss them all in a dish of some kind and grab one when you want one. Cover it to keep cats out.

              I'll look and see if I can find any more of those short glass headed pins. Think I got them originally at Hancocks Fabric. They pin anything, including denim, lycra, knits, polycotton and cottons. They are also strong enough to reset some electronics. We use them for other things besides fabric.

              I'm cleaning out and finding all these "special" rulers you had to have to do certain things are annoying me. I'll never use them again.

              I have different hobbies. I don't have room for all of them, but all involve color. Quilting is only an expression, not a necessity.


                Re: Pins!!

                I never STARTED using any of those rulers and crap. I don't have 97 different ANYthing. I do have good silk pins and good long pins. That's all I need. I've made a lot of quilts and clothes on the least amount of money possible, still doing it the old less costly way.

                Do what pleases you. I do.