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Prewashing fabric for pillowcases?

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    Re: Prewashing fabric for pillowcases?

    Originally posted by Alpha O View Post
    I think I'll go back to good sheeting for the main body of the case if I can find any. I'll embroider or quilt the hem only, and do it on the sheeting as a base.
    Sheeting usually comes wider than quilting cotton.
    I think I may repurpous an old sheet for The Floozie. After how much the dark blue fabric I washed several times, I don't think it was a good chock. Plus it didn't soften up much after drying either.


      Re: Prewashing fabric for pillowcases?

      You might check out the thrift store for material for that floozie's new dress. I have bought several, nice, 100% cotton sheets that way. We made table cloths and pillow cases out of them. Some of the white and off-white ones we dyed before we created with them. You will need to wash them a time or two before you use them, to get rid of the "Goodwill" smell, but at least you will know what they feel like from the beginning.
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        Re: Prewashing fabric for pillowcases?

        Sheeting is also a fabric category. Since all here are quilters, you should know the name:

        Some cheaper fabric:

        There is plain white at 6.99 a yard

        Hancock's used to carry it in various solids. I used it for curtains and pillowcases.
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