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Silly Question # 2

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    Silly Question # 2

    I feel really silly for asking this but how do you knot your transparent thread? Am I the only one who has a hard time doing this? My knot ends up so small it is like it is not even there!

    Re: Silly Question # 2

    I presume that you are using this to fmq or stitch straight lines on top of your quilt. If you are using a straight stitch, when you get near the edge, lower your stitch length as you approach the edge and shorten the length. I usually take a several stitches about 1.0 length and then progress to almost zero. This locks in the stitches so they don't unravel. Take note that your tiny stitches are not right at the edge. Try to get your locked stitches to fall within the seam allowance; that way, you won't cut off your locked stitches when trimming.

    I pretty much do the same when FMQ. I have never used this thread for hand sewing as I would probably go crazy!
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