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Help with squeaky free motion foot

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    Help with squeaky free motion foot

    Help! I free motion quilted a quilt. When I started to quilt my second one the foot started squeaking. I oiled my machine before I realized it was the foot. Also, when stippling, and moving the material right (so sewing to the left) my machine skips stitches. The needle goes in but it doesn't catch and so I get super long stitches. Not sure how to fix this. Machine does not skip any when using regular straight stitch sewing. Thanks!

    Re: Help with squeaky free motion foot

    I don't free motion quilt ,but i'm going to bump this up.


      Re: Help with squeaky free motion foot

      Have you taken the foot off and examined it ? I almost ruined my Juki with a defective foot that came apart. Even though the company replaced the foot, I still had to bare the cost of taking the machine to a repair shop twice.
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        Re: Help with squeaky free motion foot

        I am assuming that your free motion foot is squeaking because it is spring loaded and moving up and down. Here is a video from Leah Day on how to adjust your free motion foot so it does not hop up and down. I get much better results using Leahs methods. Learn how to modify your free motion / darning foot so you have better visibility and...

        If you have one of those expensive adjustable FMQ foots (Janome and possibly Bernina?) there is a clear professional grade graphite spray you can spray on the foot to get it to stop squeaking.

        On the occasional skipped stitches here is a video on what causes that.

        Free Downloadable PDF: Quick Tip from Rob Appell of Man Sewing will help you solve the...

        The solution is to slow down in the direction you are having problems,

        Good luck.
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          Re: Help with squeaky free motion foot

          Thank you for all your suggestions!! I tried them all lol. None helped. I finally had to call the repair shop and talk with them. They think my timing is off. That was my singer. I found a baby lock at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago. Took it to the repair shop where they replaced a missing ankle and foot. Got the free motion foot too. Started sewing on it last night. It was a dream!!!