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Prewashing flannel

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    Re: Prewashing flannel

    Originally posted by Sylvia H View Post
    I don't prewash flannel. I made a quilt using the Woolies jelly roll. The flannel backing was purchased at a LQS (local quilt store). I washed after quilting, and the shrinkage was the same. I also used flannel as a backing to a quilt where the top was cotton. Again, no difference in the shrinkage after washing.

    I have never bought what is considered "cheap" flannel. I understand it does shrink quite a bit. But, if you are concerned, I recommend this - make a quilted square using the same materials that you are using for your quilt. Wash and dry it. Based on the results, you will know if you should prewash or not.

    I have a question on the woolies strips you used for your quilt. What were your seam allowences?