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help with lori holt cozy quilt instructions

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    help with lori holt cozy quilt instructions

    I am working on Lori Holt's cozy chirstmas quilt my question involves cutting instuctions do i save the fat1/8 panels for the applique and use the lose fat 1/8 for everything else?

    Re: help with lori holt cozy quilt instructions

    You might do a google search for her website and ask there. I've not heard anyone here mention doing that quilt.
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      Re: help with lori holt cozy quilt instructions

      I am doing it. I cut the panel up, if that's what you are asking. I think the purpose of the panel is to buy one piece and have several colors, because her appliques in the quilt only call for such small pieces. I bought a fat quarter bundle, then found out that it did not have the colors in it that she used in the quilt. So I bought a couple of those panels. They are great! I think I have enough to make 3 quilts! PM me if you want to, since we are doing it together. I am trying to stay up with her. I didn't get to the snowman yet, it has been a busy week. I plan to slow down next week and do both blocks on Monday.
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