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Long Time But I am back!!

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    Long Time But I am back!!

    I had to put aside my quilting. I tried Quilt As You Go with the Batting Buddy template. Got 1/2 done and I just had it. Too many pieces to put together, I don't have the patience at all.

    But, I have a quilt already done but made a mistake so I cut it down and yes I made it too small. I didn't know what I was doing (novice here) and cut one side shorter than the other. So, now I want to add a quilted boarder to the quilt. I know I can make a plain material boarder but want a big quilted one added on.

    Any video's out there or suggestions on how to make a quilted boarder for a quilt?
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    Re: Long Time But I am back!!

    I have this book and it's really good.

    Marti Michell describes quilting bed size quilts in sections and joining the sections to complete the quilt. She has a new Craftsy class on Quilt As You Go, ...

    You should be able to do it with one of the methods she describes in her book.