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Binding - inside corners?

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    Binding - inside corners?

    Needing tips for attaching binding when there are inside corners/curves.

    Was very pleased with this quilt, except for the binding where the tail of the butterfly meets the wings - please don't look too closely - I'm embarrassed LOL.

    I did use bias binding. I'm prepared to remove the stitching and fix, but hope some of you have some helpful tips on how to do inside angles.

    Butterfly playmat.jpg

    Re: Binding - inside corners?

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      Re: Binding - inside corners?

      Did you clip the inside corner? Here's a link that may help you.
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        Re: Binding - inside corners?

        Aha moment! No I didn't clip the inside corner. Thank you Preeti & Sharyn for the link, it explained a lot. Since my inside angle isn't 90 degrees, but closer to 45, I suspect I'll still have some bulk in those corners, but it should lay nicer than what it looks like now.

        I have several FMQ practice squares, I'll cut a few inside corners and practice before I attempt to fix the butterfly.