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Pulse quilt - Opinions, please

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    Pulse quilt - Opinions, please

    Hi, eveyone - This is kinda long, so TIA if you make it all the way through

    This is the quilt I'm making to send to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild for the Pulse victims. I didn't make the suggested pieced heart (silly me, thought that would take way too long - rather ironic considering what I wound up making) but riffed on a heart quilt made of strips that I'd seen on Pinterest.

    So, here is where I'm stuck:

    What I failed to take into consideration was what to do above and below the words on top & bottom. Had I thought this ALL the way thru, I'd have added 2.5" squares to the top & bottoms of the letters, and made the long white "space" strips 2.5" longer, so that all I'd need to do would be to add a long 2.5" strip on the sides to wind up with a bordered look. (I realized this about halfway thru, actually, and in hindsight, I wish I had stopped and re-grouped on my design).


    So, do I:

    A. Suck it up and add the 2.5# squares to top & bottom of each strip before I sew the strips together (which would then leave an obvious line of squares at the top or bottom of the long white bits)

    B. Say heck with that and just put a 2.5" border all the way around? (which would then have the top strips going horizontal on top of the vertical strips - would that be weird?)

    I'm also stuck on what to do for backing. Since the letters are purple, I thought I'd try to find something to match that - no idea how difficult that may be and my job is really intense right now, so not a lot of shopping time :-/

    Complicating that decision point (LOL) is that I really want to try quilting the heart and letters in the various colors - just outlining the shape of each. Which means - because I have yet to be able to overcome some tensioning issues - I will likely have a few "blips" of the top thread come thru to the back. So, a white tone-on-tone would seem to be out of the running, as would a dark back, since I'll want to do the white strips in white.

    I'm wondering if something like one of these polka-dots be good? I'm thinking it may hide any quilting bobbles ;-)


    Re: Pulse quilt - Opinions, please

    What I would do is: put a 2 1/2 strip down each side, and across the top & bottom, then I would add an additional border of color around the entire quilt, to frame it in.

    As for the quilting, I like the idea of quilting around the heart that you mentioned, but no so much the letters, because then on the back the letter quilting would be backwards, and I think that would look off. Maybe just a meandering for the background.

    And since you are having tension issues, I would use the same color in the bobbin as your top stitching, using white for everything except the heart.

    And I do like the dot prints for the back.


      Re: Pulse quilt - Opinions, please

      Well, my FMQ skills are...nonexistant, lol, so I usually either do straight-line echo-ish quilting or just wavy lines. Would wavy work for the letters, I wonder? Good point about it being backwards on the back if I just do the outline on them.


        Re: Pulse quilt - Opinions, please

        Go with what you know!

        I would recommend to do the borders like Caroline says. Having the horizontal strip across the top will be fine!

        If you are having tension issues, then simpler quilting is better.

        Also, love the dots!
        Happy Quilting!


          Re: Pulse quilt - Opinions, please

          I like the idea of a small white border, followed by either a solid color border or multi print. I love the circles in circles. You could maybe use this for border with the other dots on the back. Love the quilt overall. Sorry, I don't have suggestions about the quilting except that I too would not outline the letters, since it would be backwards on the back.
          Spring, TX


            Re: Pulse quilt - Opinions, please

            I like Caroline's idea.........border all the way around. Pretty quilt!
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              Re: Pulse quilt - Opinions, please

              Thanks, everyone - I'm so glad to hear that the horizontal white at teh top will be OK

              And yes - i love Carolyn's idea to do an outer border. I have several FQs in yellows & oranges that I think may work for a scrappy-ish but not too-busy border.

              Now to getting all these strips together - lots of them were wavy coming off the JR, so I'm crossing my fingers that I can keep them relatively straight as I sew them together!


                Re: Pulse quilt - Opinions, please

                Outlining the letters would be fine. I just finished a large banner for the church with a Bible verse and outlined each letter. Whew. Anyway, the back is muslin and the letters were almost black so the outline shows up quite well on the back but it is hung so it doesn't matter.

                I think if you use one of the multi-colored fabrics you posted for the backing it will be busy enough that the outlines will not show conspicuously enough to matter. And even if it does, the recipient will know which side is the front (!) and will most likely always have that side forward.

                I think your quilting ideas are great. Go for it and have fun.
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