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  • Deegles
    Re: Frixion pen question

    I had read somewhere that if you used those pens that would happen. Wise of you to try a sample first. The last quilt I did a grid with I marked one line with a chalk pencil. Then used my walking foot with the guide to make all the lines equa-distant from one another. Then I marked a perpendicular line with chalk and sewed those lines the same way. By the time I was finished quilting it. The chalk had flaked off itself, so it is ideal for disappearing. And undoubtedly it washed away with no residue.

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  • Smg1678
    started a topic Frixion pen question

    Frixion pen question

    Hi everyone. So I am going to take a try at quilting my own quilt instead of sending it out to be quilted. I am going to start with a lap quilt and I want to mark diagonal grid lines every four inches. It is for someone who has a hunting camp so in the winter there will be no heat until the person arrives and starts the wood stove.

    So I did a practice sample with the Frixion pen and the grid lines turned out perfect. Then to simulate the cold camp in the winter I put the sample block in the freezer for a day or two. When I took it out all the marking lines were back.

    My question is once I wash the quilt will the lines come back in the cold weather. If so what would you recommend. I have read some posts from time to time about the lines from different marking tools not coming out.

    Thanks for any tips you can offer.