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    I have a question for all you talented ladies. I just got some patterns that I ordered and found out that while they are very simple in construction it is the measuring of the strips that has me in a panic.

    I am not the greatest at cutting odd numbers and I have to cut alot of 3 7/8 squares. I tried this on another quilt and I was always off, usually bigger, than I should have been.

    My question to you is how do you properly measure anything with 7/8 in it? Are there any tips out there for me to make it easier to cut these squares?

    Any help would be appreciated

    Thanks Maggie

    PS my frame was delivered today....soon as I get it set up will post pics

    Re: Measurements

    Yay for the frame!! Can't wait to see pics!

    Math.....hmmm. I'll have to ask Mom! I will get back to you though! Bug me if you have too. (I hate the whole 7/8ths blah blah blah business! I hate the added stress) But i know they know what they are doing....right. HahahahH!


      Re: Measurements

      I have a large cutting mat and a 24 x 5 inch lipped ruler (O'Lipfa Model # 11111) with 1/8 marks and a eighth inch grid at the tail. If you fold your fabric in half you should be able to lay your ruler over the fabric far enough to see where your lines are on the mat. I go to the 4" mark and then move it back one eighth of an inch(3&7/8").

      If you are having trouble focusing on which line is supposed to be the right one way down on the tail; use a bright Post-It right along the line on the top side of your ruler. This will help keep your eye on the proper line, and it won't get hung up on the fabric. Move the post-it closer when you need to cut the strips into smaller squares.

      If that fails, buy the heaviest template plastic you can. Cut a square the exact size you need, and use it as a placement guide for your ruler using the squared-off, cut edge of your fabric. Carefully slide the template up and down the length of your strip to see that you have the right width, and then slice with your rotary cutter.
      Good luck & watch your fingers!
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